Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Resolutions for 2009

1 more day and that will marks the end of 2008. And 2009 will quietly slips in without most of us knowing.

When I was at the age 18, Someone told me. "Jerry, when you reach the 20plus, time flies even before you realised it!" I never believed that till now. Next year, I be age 25! Time seems to fly so fast... Looking back at 2008, there's full of ups and downs.

And there are those wonderful memories I had in 2008 like my relief teaching in MayFlower Secondary, the filming for MediaCorp and My Children's Party! As I was looking back, I realised that I told myself to have a resolution in 2008 but I failed.

Now that this is the time for reflections, I shall start looking at the things I failed to do it before I regret it at an older age. 2008:

- I failed to make a resolution and stick to it.
- I missed 3 events. Aviva Ironman 70.3 Singapore, Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon, Taiwan ING Marathon.
- I missed my flight to Taipei (Not much ppl know abt it)
- I missed my connections with friends

But at the same time, I learned and growed. 2008 has taught me alot, Mostly from mistakes and failures.

And as I say goodbye to 2008, I shall welcome my exciting 2009! With some of the events already lined up.. And slowly, 1 by 1, it will be materialized. =D

For 2009, I only have 1 resolution.

I'm going to be the 1st Smile giver to anyone, be it a friend or a stranger. Yes, I know, it feels strange to say the 1st Hello to a stranger and to give that smile out. But I'm going to try.

So, here's my 1st smile to u! Whoever u r, a friend, a student, a parent, a silent reader, a foe or a stranger. I give u my smile.

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone! Ho Ho Ho!
These are the christmas presents Teacher Jerry receive this christmas... Thank you! =)

I have 2 boxes of chocolates, 1 pen, 1 cap, 1 mickey mouse towel,1 box of cookies and 1 Ferrero Rocher.

Among all these presents, there's 1 that touches me deep...

It's a handmake card by Zi Liang. On the cover, he wrote a simple Thank You. And inside the card, he says

"Dear Teacher Jerry, Thank You for your great effort! I am now a happy little froggie!" And he drew me some snowflakes and says "These are snowflakes I wish to see these in Singapore!"

He has been learning to swim for 2 years under a swim school which I will not mention here. Apprently, after 2 years, he cant even swim 50m(1 lap of the swimming pool)

So I was called in to help him.. (I sound like some SCDF here..) hee... Ok, anyway, after barely 4 lessons, he did a total of 15 laps. That's why he says "I'm now a happy little froggie!"

Notice how realistic he drew the cards? His blue swim suit =D

And signing off wishing everyone, A Merry Merry Chirstmas! Ho HO Ho! =p

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Part 6 of 6 - The Appreciation

"The Best Party of the Year"
A simple thank you never seems to be enough when you are really thankful and grateful to the wonderful support you have doesnt it?

I just cant find the right words to say my thanks to all the parents. Other than Thank you, its still Thank You.

Thank You for all the support you gave to me and my brother - Rae.
Thank You for the attending the party despite it being a sunday.
Thank You for bringing the kids down to the party despite the far and ulu distance.
Thank You for readily say "YES. We will attend" when I invited you all for the party.
Thank You for helping out in the party in every little way.
Thank You for all the food you bring. The party couldn't have go on without them. =)
Thank You for calling me and asked if I was missing out any items.
Thank You for not minding the lack of chairs to sit on.
Thank You for telling the children "Listen to Teacher Jerry"
Thank You for staying on the party till really late even though its monday the next day.
Thank You for discussing with me the amount of food we should prepare.
Thank You for all the initiatives you took.
Thank You for bringing extra food.
Thank You for spending the time to buy the food.
Thank You for spending the time to cook for us.
Thank You for helping out with the washing of dishes.
Thank You for bringing your whole family to the party.
Thank You for entrusting your children with me.
Thank You for not minding me as a bad host.
Thank You for your understandings.
Thank You for your feedbacks.
Thank You for your presences.
Thank You for making the time and effort down even though you were not free.
Thank You for your silent support.

Last but not least, I thank each and everyone of you. I really Thank you with deep gratitude and appreciation for helping to make the party a huge success. =)

We did it! And Elaine says - "This is the Best Party of the Year."
(ok, if there's really such an award for it, we shall nominate for it! Hee.. And all of us shall share the prize money for another party! =D)

Part 5 of 6 - The Family Photo

Taking a family photo usually is a breeze. But when u have kids running all around with all the fun and food... U need a super nanny to bring the kids together....
Thankfully I have all the parents to help out... =D

This is what happen when you tell the kids to get ready for a family photo.. Some of them gets into position while some are suddenly missing..
Looking for who's missing...
And after some organisation... We have our 1st Family shot of the day...
Some parents suggest the idea of opening up a child care center to me... Ya, perhaps I should really set up 1 child care center and everyday, the kids and Me, we will just play whole day... Sounds wonderful. But that doesnt happen in real life. =)

Last year, Andra mummy says I'm like a honey, the kids follow wherever I go... This year, the honey is back! Hee... See.. the bees are gathering around their Teacher Honey again... for their beloved Presents... =D
This is the number of bags of presents Teacher Rae and Me had prepared for the kids this year...
And finally our 2nd Family photo of the day...
After which, it was another round of games for the kids again.... A night full of fun... =)

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Part 4 of 6 - Highlights

All parties must have a highlight that brings the whole event to a big bang.. Our's was of a simple & traditional yet for years enjoyed by all... Be it kids or adults...

That's right.. Fire sparklers! It's always @ this moment that I feel like a Santa Clause(minus away the tummy) hee...

Looking @ the way I was bullied last year... This year crowd control seems to be better wif Teacher Rae and me distributing the sparklers & lighting them up for the kids... =)
Lighting up 1 by 1 always seems too slow for the kids...
So, innovative and creativity comes to the kids...
Not only does the little ones enjoyed, The big ones enjoyed too!
Thinking back.. I think I never played any sparklers! Too busy lighting them up for the kids... Hee...
So while the kids (of all ages...hee) are still playing with the spaklers... Let's take a look @ our BBQ squad!

We are still BBQing!!

Endless supplies of food and fun.... =p

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Part 3 of 6 - The Games

So while the parents are helping out with the BBQ...

I'm conducting Lesson #2 for the kids! Blowing bubbles! Haha... Hey! Blowing bubbles is important in swimming ok! Therefore, all my students must know how to blow bubbles... and that includes my dearest maths teacher.. Mr. Krishna! =p
And you know Teacher Jerry the Santa Claus is coming when he's walking around with one big box of bubbles! =D
Look at the amount of bubbles my kids can blow!
And the display of "Kung Fu Bubble Man" by Sheng Teng
I always believe in giving rewards.. So, the most bubble maker gets an extra 5 bottles! Lolx..
An heart warming moment where u see father n son bonding...
Sights like these were common...

The parents chasing after the kids to ask them to eat. The kids chasing after me for fun... And the parents end up eating the food! Hee...

Briefing for our next game...

Discussing our plans...
I'm the Big Rooster protecting my chicks! =p
It's not such an easy job protecting so many chicks ok! I was so tired that I requested for 1 min of break time.. but these kids just dun let me rest...
Haha...So, back to the game... This time, I'm the eagle!
And Pei Wen starts running around.... leaving the pack...
Ending the game with me catching some of them... at that very moment, I wish I had more than 2 hands to carry all of them... Haha...
Up next, Highlights of the night.. Stay tune...

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Part 2 - The BBQ & Food

Finally the photos are all here!! Sorry for the delay everyone... It's a super long post with lots of photos! =)

Our BBQ started off with a heavy downpour in the afternoon (*as usual, it always rain on our party!) But No Worries since this is our 4th year having the party! Hee... We were well prepared!

Thankfully it stopped raining around 4pm. For that, I'm thankful.. And once the rain stopped.. My mum couldn't wait and start the fire even thought food hasn't arrived yet.... Hee... Yeah, mothers are always the one worrying for the whole event....
And as the food being contributed by everyone started arriving...
Our "BBQ Squad" is all ready to BBQ for the 100 over family members that's arriving later....
But before that, Lesson #1 by Teacher Jerry on How To BBQ! Hee.... *Teaching my kids from Portugal how to BBQ the Singapore way... =p
Until Carel came and say... Ur fan's are too small... Use mine!
And so.. from 5 sausages, the food grew to a massive big feast catering to 100 over family members using 2 BBQ pit!
The amount of food indoor was even more scary... 2 full tables of food like Bee Hoon, all time fav Curry, sausages, fish balls, chicken wings etc etc...
Tibits are still some of the favourites among our little ones..
While all the parents are BBQ-ing away happily.... Teacher Jerry is off away conducting another lesson for the kids! Stay tune... =D