Friday, 21 November 2008

Teacher Jerry's DreamBoard

I blogged a week ago on dreams.... Today, let me share with you all my dreams... =) These are the goals in my life that keeps Teacher Jerry moving forward. So, get ready as I bring you along for the journey of my dreams.... Hee... Starting from left to right.

Dream #1: I hope to be able to give a motivational speech on the world stage, touching the lives of many others. At the moment, I dunnoe who I'm going to give the speech to. I dunnoe what the topic is going to be about. I dunnoe how I'm going to deliver the speech. But 1 thing I know. It's going to happen. I know I'm going out there to inspire, to motivate and to change someone's life.

I'm trying hard to achieve this dream now by inspiring my kids in their swimming and to motivate them in life. I dunnoe if I have make an impact in their little lives just yet, but I know, they have touched mine.

Dream #2: 1 week dive trip to Maldives. I guess Maldive is a "must go" place for all dive enthusiasts. Staying 24hours by the beach, listening to the waves, watching the fishes swimming directly under you and go out on a dive trip everyday. That's the kind of life I wish to enjoy. I'm a sunny beach boy! Hee...

Well, although I'm no where close to this dream yet, but hey! At least, I'm able to enjoy swimming with all my students... No wonder mummy always ask me: "Why u so happy to go swimming? So dark..." =D

Dream #3: A trip to Bhutan - The happiest country. After so much news and big hu-ha over this country, I'm super interested in going over and take a look @ how the people live there. What makes them so happy? A country where GDH (Gross Domestic Happiness) is much more important then their GDP(Gross Domestic Product). This is one country where I can learn more about happiness! Hee =D

Dream #4: I hope to invest in a condo. It's for investing purposes. (I guess they generate more passive income). I'm happy staying in my current HDB flat with my parents. So, I wun be staying in this condo. This condo will be generating a passive income for me every month. Of which, I will use that money to fulfill my Dream #5.

Dream #5: To provide education for orphanges in thailand. After my recent trip to thailand, I saw how simple and hard the thai kids are living in. A young boy at the age 10 is rowing a boat down the river to set up fish nets and fishing hooks. They don't go to school cause they need to catch fishes to sell for money or food for the family. Some days, they dun even catch a single fish.

I hope to be able to provide some basic form of education for them. And that will cost money. So, the passive income from the condo will all go into their education.

Last but not least, I hope my students will be so proud that they are my students and when they see me on street, they will point their little fingers @ me shouting "That's Teacher Jerry! He's my swimming coach!"

Now that I have share my dreams with you, its time for you to share ur dreams with me! Dun be shy about your dreams! Dun be afraid that people will laugh at them. It's your dreams! Go ahead, Dream it! And achieve it! =)

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