Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Nick Vujicic - A true inspiration

He's name is Nick Vujicic from Australia. He was born without limbs. But he proved to us that nothing is impossible.

At age 25, he completed a Bachelor’s Degree in both Financial Planning and Accounting. How is that possible? And what is even more amazing is that he's able to swim! Very lucky, I was able to attend his talk today at Heart of God Church. Now, I'm a free thinker, so I won't go into details about religion as its too sensitive a topic. And I respect all religions.

What I would like to share is about his talk. What we can learn from him. When I 1st saw him, I look at my own limbs and I'm so thankful that I have them. Can you imagine yourself without them? How would you look at your life? He's such a strong man who despite his disability, he's still able to fight hard to live on. Just a quote from him, " Fear, is the greatest disability of all"

Below is a clip on his talk. I hope you all can find some inspirational thoughts. If you are a christian, you should be able to link well.

If you are not, it totally doesnt matter at all. Look from a different perspective like Teacher Jerry. Look at how he lives his life. Look at how he fights everyday as thought its a last day. Look at how he turns his life without limbs to life without limits.

I was touched when he say " I didn't see a future. I didn't see a future or hope. I never thought I would get married. Even if I get married, I can't even hold my wife hand. I won't be able to dance with my bride on our wedding night. When we have children, how am I going to put my arms around my kids when they cry? These were important to me."

After tonight talk by him, I'm thankful and grateful.

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