Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Never too old to learn

Its never too old to learn swimming or as a matter of fact, anything.

Meet my 2 Grandmas... They are my students but as a show of respect for them, I call them Ah ma when I teach them... Go ahead, guess their age.... They are already in their 60's! =)

Ah ma says: "When we were younger, we did not have the chance to learn to swim. Now that our kids are all grown up. We can learn to swim together with our grand-daugthers!"

And little did I realise after 3 lessons with them why my 2 Ah Ma's love swimming so much! (a handsome coach is not the reason why they are learning ok..hee)

They are learning swimming to keep themselves healthy cause they know as age catches up on them, they tend to be more prone to illness.

2ndly, they find that when they come for swimming class, its a way of bonding with their grand-daugthers.. And when they are learning, they are like big stars! Cause on the pool deck, they have 3 daughters and 4 grand-daughters looking at how they are swimming.. Hee..

So no more excuses for you not to learn to swim... If a granny @ age 60 is starting to pick up swimming... What about you? Hee...

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