Monday, 24 November 2008

Love Amplified Concert - Tickets to be given away!

Love Amplified - The First World AIDS Day Concert In Singapore

Thanks to Xavier, part of the team behind the Love Amplified World AIDS Day concert. He gave Teacher Jerry 4 tickets to the concert! =)

However, I cant go... as you know, 30th is our party!!! So, anyone wants to attend this concert? I saw their advertisment and I think its a great concert! Stephine sun will be there too! And you get a free Levi's t-shirt with every tickets purchased!

So, if you wan free tickets, email me or call me 9100 1855! =) Alternatively, if you wish to purchase your own tickets, go to sistic website!

And I'm busy preparing all the party stuff... Yes, that includes your presents... I know, LCD Screen, Plasma Tvs, PSP, DS lite, Bakugan.... these are the things you kids want right.... Well, that's not going to happen... Haha.... *bleahx*

Last year, I still have Teacher Michelle to help me out. But this year, Teacher Jerry is doing everything alone as she's real busy these days.... =(

And that's why I'm super duper busy... Well, fingers cross and let's hope things will turn out great! =D

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