Sunday, 9 November 2008

CJC students - A day for Charity

If you are reading my blog now, it meant 2 things.

#1: You are a student of Teacher Jerry or at least know who I am.

#2: You saw a flyer on your doorstep recently and decided to check out my blog out of curiosity.

If you belong to the 2nd catalogue, I thank you. Why? Because the hard work of the students from Catholic Junior College has been recognised.

It all started 1 day when my phone rang: "Hi, We are a class of 22 students from Catholic Junior College, wanting to raise some funds for a charity program. We wonder if we could be of any help to you?"

I asked: "How much do you guys need?"
Student: "We need about $700 to build a roof top for an orphanage home in Batam. We hope we can raise that amount of money."

And so there it was... I printed out some flyers for them to distribute. But, they are still short of the money. Apparently, they need to do some flooring's for the home too and it's going to cost them about $2,500 now.

These students have been really hardworking I must admit. We met up at 10am in the morning and they only finish distributing at about 8pm plus. I'm touched by their efforts seriously.

So, here's my plan. Remember, my holiday intensive swimming lessons is $80/ 8 lessons? (*its already dirt cheap) For those who sign up for the class at Yio Chu Kang for the 9am and 11am slot, I will donate half the amount to them to help them rebuild the orphanage house in Batam. =)

My efforts alone are of course minimal. You can help too! If you wish to help, you may call me @ 9100 1855 or email me to find out more at the moment. I will also check with the Student in Charge if they are willing to accept outside funds.

Now, just to side track abit... I seriously think I look young and fit in really well into a JC 1 class photo... Can you spot Teacher Jerry in the photo? hee...
P.s: There is 19 students and 2 teachers in the photo. Cant tell right! =D

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