Wednesday, 12 November 2008

不凡的爱 - By my Side

Have you guys been watching this show 不凡的爱 - By my Side every weekday @ 9pm on Channel 8? Chen Han Wei & Zoe Tay are the main leads.

Ya, its about how a good hubby/daddy(played by Chen Han Wei) who gave in to temptation for once and was diagnosed with AIDS. Zoe Tay decided to stand by him. But their 7 year old daughter faces discrimination from peers and others. Which eventually lead her to find a new swimming coach as her current coach faces too many complaints from parents.

Overall, Teacher Jerry thinks it's a good show with very educational plot. After all, I get the chance to talk to Chen Han Wei & Zoe Tay. =)

There is also a World Aids Day Concert. Click here to find out more. And there u go... The most precious photo. A photo with Chen Han Wei... =p

The "swimming coach" in the show & the Swimming coach in real life.
*realised how short Teacher Jerry is as compare to him?* =p


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gary said...

who's the second hunky guy?