Sunday, 30 November 2008

It's Today!

Time now is 2.30am... and Teacher Jerry is still preparing for our party... I'm super duper excited! =) This time round, we are expecting @ least 60 guests... *fingers cross....*

I'm so beat out that I havent been blogging for the past week. Rest assure a long post awaits on monday.... =D
For now... This is a sneak preview to what you kids can expect later in the day.. P.R.E.S.E.N.T.S!!!
Looking forward to our party with a big bang! *that includes rains and thunder.... It happens every year doesnt it*? Hmmm.... Let's pray there's no rain today! =p

Monday, 24 November 2008

Love Amplified Concert - Tickets to be given away!

Love Amplified - The First World AIDS Day Concert In Singapore

Thanks to Xavier, part of the team behind the Love Amplified World AIDS Day concert. He gave Teacher Jerry 4 tickets to the concert! =)

However, I cant go... as you know, 30th is our party!!! So, anyone wants to attend this concert? I saw their advertisment and I think its a great concert! Stephine sun will be there too! And you get a free Levi's t-shirt with every tickets purchased!

So, if you wan free tickets, email me or call me 9100 1855! =) Alternatively, if you wish to purchase your own tickets, go to sistic website!

And I'm busy preparing all the party stuff... Yes, that includes your presents... I know, LCD Screen, Plasma Tvs, PSP, DS lite, Bakugan.... these are the things you kids want right.... Well, that's not going to happen... Haha.... *bleahx*

Last year, I still have Teacher Michelle to help me out. But this year, Teacher Jerry is doing everything alone as she's real busy these days.... =(

And that's why I'm super duper busy... Well, fingers cross and let's hope things will turn out great! =D

Friday, 21 November 2008

Teacher Jerry's DreamBoard

I blogged a week ago on dreams.... Today, let me share with you all my dreams... =) These are the goals in my life that keeps Teacher Jerry moving forward. So, get ready as I bring you along for the journey of my dreams.... Hee... Starting from left to right.

Dream #1: I hope to be able to give a motivational speech on the world stage, touching the lives of many others. At the moment, I dunnoe who I'm going to give the speech to. I dunnoe what the topic is going to be about. I dunnoe how I'm going to deliver the speech. But 1 thing I know. It's going to happen. I know I'm going out there to inspire, to motivate and to change someone's life.

I'm trying hard to achieve this dream now by inspiring my kids in their swimming and to motivate them in life. I dunnoe if I have make an impact in their little lives just yet, but I know, they have touched mine.

Dream #2: 1 week dive trip to Maldives. I guess Maldive is a "must go" place for all dive enthusiasts. Staying 24hours by the beach, listening to the waves, watching the fishes swimming directly under you and go out on a dive trip everyday. That's the kind of life I wish to enjoy. I'm a sunny beach boy! Hee...

Well, although I'm no where close to this dream yet, but hey! At least, I'm able to enjoy swimming with all my students... No wonder mummy always ask me: "Why u so happy to go swimming? So dark..." =D

Dream #3: A trip to Bhutan - The happiest country. After so much news and big hu-ha over this country, I'm super interested in going over and take a look @ how the people live there. What makes them so happy? A country where GDH (Gross Domestic Happiness) is much more important then their GDP(Gross Domestic Product). This is one country where I can learn more about happiness! Hee =D

Dream #4: I hope to invest in a condo. It's for investing purposes. (I guess they generate more passive income). I'm happy staying in my current HDB flat with my parents. So, I wun be staying in this condo. This condo will be generating a passive income for me every month. Of which, I will use that money to fulfill my Dream #5.

Dream #5: To provide education for orphanges in thailand. After my recent trip to thailand, I saw how simple and hard the thai kids are living in. A young boy at the age 10 is rowing a boat down the river to set up fish nets and fishing hooks. They don't go to school cause they need to catch fishes to sell for money or food for the family. Some days, they dun even catch a single fish.

I hope to be able to provide some basic form of education for them. And that will cost money. So, the passive income from the condo will all go into their education.

Last but not least, I hope my students will be so proud that they are my students and when they see me on street, they will point their little fingers @ me shouting "That's Teacher Jerry! He's my swimming coach!"

Now that I have share my dreams with you, its time for you to share ur dreams with me! Dun be shy about your dreams! Dun be afraid that people will laugh at them. It's your dreams! Go ahead, Dream it! And achieve it! =)

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Never too old to learn

Its never too old to learn swimming or as a matter of fact, anything.

Meet my 2 Grandmas... They are my students but as a show of respect for them, I call them Ah ma when I teach them... Go ahead, guess their age.... They are already in their 60's! =)

Ah ma says: "When we were younger, we did not have the chance to learn to swim. Now that our kids are all grown up. We can learn to swim together with our grand-daugthers!"

And little did I realise after 3 lessons with them why my 2 Ah Ma's love swimming so much! (a handsome coach is not the reason why they are learning ok..hee)

They are learning swimming to keep themselves healthy cause they know as age catches up on them, they tend to be more prone to illness.

2ndly, they find that when they come for swimming class, its a way of bonding with their grand-daugthers.. And when they are learning, they are like big stars! Cause on the pool deck, they have 3 daughters and 4 grand-daughters looking at how they are swimming.. Hee..

So no more excuses for you not to learn to swim... If a granny @ age 60 is starting to pick up swimming... What about you? Hee...

Saturday, 15 November 2008

The Last Lecture

School holiday has started! Children, don't forget to make use of this time to enrich yourself too k? Let Teacher Jerry introduce you to a very inspiring book - The Last Lecture.

This book is about how the author Randy Pausch, a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon, was asked to give such a lecture, he didn’t have to imagine it as his last, since he had recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer. '

But the lecture he gave—“Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams”—wasn’t about dying. It was about the importance of overcoming obstacles, of enabling the dreams of others, of seizing every moment (because “time is all you have...and you may find one day that you have less than you think”). It was a summation of everything Randy had come to believe. It was about living.

This is one good book that I would strongly recommend to everyone. After reading this book, you will start thinking about your dreams. Your childhood dreams. And you are more then welcome to share them with me if you don't mind! Of course, I will share mine with you too! =)

In case, you wish to have a preview before buying the books, check out his speech on the Oprah Winfrey Show. You will be inspired. Very inspired.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

不凡的爱 - By my Side

Have you guys been watching this show 不凡的爱 - By my Side every weekday @ 9pm on Channel 8? Chen Han Wei & Zoe Tay are the main leads.

Ya, its about how a good hubby/daddy(played by Chen Han Wei) who gave in to temptation for once and was diagnosed with AIDS. Zoe Tay decided to stand by him. But their 7 year old daughter faces discrimination from peers and others. Which eventually lead her to find a new swimming coach as her current coach faces too many complaints from parents.

Overall, Teacher Jerry thinks it's a good show with very educational plot. After all, I get the chance to talk to Chen Han Wei & Zoe Tay. =)

There is also a World Aids Day Concert. Click here to find out more. And there u go... The most precious photo. A photo with Chen Han Wei... =p

The "swimming coach" in the show & the Swimming coach in real life.
*realised how short Teacher Jerry is as compare to him?* =p

Sunday, 9 November 2008

CJC students - A day for Charity

If you are reading my blog now, it meant 2 things.

#1: You are a student of Teacher Jerry or at least know who I am.

#2: You saw a flyer on your doorstep recently and decided to check out my blog out of curiosity.

If you belong to the 2nd catalogue, I thank you. Why? Because the hard work of the students from Catholic Junior College has been recognised.

It all started 1 day when my phone rang: "Hi, We are a class of 22 students from Catholic Junior College, wanting to raise some funds for a charity program. We wonder if we could be of any help to you?"

I asked: "How much do you guys need?"
Student: "We need about $700 to build a roof top for an orphanage home in Batam. We hope we can raise that amount of money."

And so there it was... I printed out some flyers for them to distribute. But, they are still short of the money. Apparently, they need to do some flooring's for the home too and it's going to cost them about $2,500 now.

These students have been really hardworking I must admit. We met up at 10am in the morning and they only finish distributing at about 8pm plus. I'm touched by their efforts seriously.

So, here's my plan. Remember, my holiday intensive swimming lessons is $80/ 8 lessons? (*its already dirt cheap) For those who sign up for the class at Yio Chu Kang for the 9am and 11am slot, I will donate half the amount to them to help them rebuild the orphanage house in Batam. =)

My efforts alone are of course minimal. You can help too! If you wish to help, you may call me @ 9100 1855 or email me to find out more at the moment. I will also check with the Student in Charge if they are willing to accept outside funds.

Now, just to side track abit... I seriously think I look young and fit in really well into a JC 1 class photo... Can you spot Teacher Jerry in the photo? hee...
P.s: There is 19 students and 2 teachers in the photo. Cant tell right! =D

Saturday, 8 November 2008

If you are staying in Ang Mo Kio or Yio Chu Kang

Dear all...

If you are staying in Ang Mo Kio or Yio Chu Kang, you will receive a flyer with Teacher Jerry name. The flyer should be at your door step. Do not throw it away, its for charity. More details will be updated tonite... Cheers for charity!

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Nick Vujicic - A true inspiration

He's name is Nick Vujicic from Australia. He was born without limbs. But he proved to us that nothing is impossible.

At age 25, he completed a Bachelor’s Degree in both Financial Planning and Accounting. How is that possible? And what is even more amazing is that he's able to swim! Very lucky, I was able to attend his talk today at Heart of God Church. Now, I'm a free thinker, so I won't go into details about religion as its too sensitive a topic. And I respect all religions.

What I would like to share is about his talk. What we can learn from him. When I 1st saw him, I look at my own limbs and I'm so thankful that I have them. Can you imagine yourself without them? How would you look at your life? He's such a strong man who despite his disability, he's still able to fight hard to live on. Just a quote from him, " Fear, is the greatest disability of all"

Below is a clip on his talk. I hope you all can find some inspirational thoughts. If you are a christian, you should be able to link well.

If you are not, it totally doesnt matter at all. Look from a different perspective like Teacher Jerry. Look at how he lives his life. Look at how he fights everyday as thought its a last day. Look at how he turns his life without limbs to life without limits.

I was touched when he say " I didn't see a future. I didn't see a future or hope. I never thought I would get married. Even if I get married, I can't even hold my wife hand. I won't be able to dance with my bride on our wedding night. When we have children, how am I going to put my arms around my kids when they cry? These were important to me."

After tonight talk by him, I'm thankful and grateful.

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Henry's Back!

Know who is he? He's Henry! And he's back in Singapore!

1 year ago (the post is here), he went back Saigon.. And this week, he's back in Singapore! Hee... Guess you can tell from the photo that our relationship didn't change much.. In fact, it only got better! Dun you think we look so alike? Esp our smiles and that pair of small eyes? Hee...

Alright, I must admit, somehow this photo makes me look younger... Haha..

Before he went back Saigon this time round, I took some photos of this dear boy... And the shots come out pretty nice and "professional"! I guess, I have the makings of a good photographer yeah?

So... Enjoy the photos and have a nice weekend =)