Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Mr. Children/ Mr. Adult

I received 2 emails recently.... Sometimes, its emails like these which just touches your heart....

The 1st email wrote:
"Hi Cher! I'm now a student teacher @ NIE. I love children! Thank you. It was after reading your blog that motivates me to become a teacher."

The 2nd email says:
"Jerry, I recently took part in the Nike Human Race 10km. I'm proud that I completed it. My next event will be a half marathon in December and next year, I hope to be able to run a full marathon. I never like running but after reading your blog, I'm so motivated to run. Thank you!"

Somewhere, someone out there reading my blog or being coach by me is motivated & inspired by me. It feels special to know that I'm making a difference in someone life. =)

If you have a dream, go for it. Chase that dream.

You might have a childhood dream not yet fulfilled & now being @ a different stage in life, you think it's not achievable. That's what alot of us think. I would say, GO for your dreams!

No dreams are too old to fulfill. I have students of all ages learning to swim with me. When it comes to swimming, no age is too old to swim. Same thing goes for singing.

Today, allow me to share a very touching video with you. It's called -くるみ by Mr.Children. You might cry after viewing it. You might not cry. It doesn't matter. It touches me when I 1st view it. And I think its portrays a very meaningful view on chasing your dreams despite the odds.

About this video: It's in Japanese. But it doesn't matter because by looking at the video, you will understand how these 4 men try to fulfill their singing dreams despite having alot of commitments in work and family. They went against all odds just to fulfill this dreams of theirs. And you know it's been a long time to achieve this dream when they choose the name Mr. Adult instead of Mr.Children. This video touches me. I hope it touches you too. =)

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