Thursday, 11 September 2008

I'm back in Singapore!

Yes, I'm back in Singapore!! Coming home is such a warm feeling... Nothing beats being back at home compared to staying overseas....

Being away for 23days is really a long time... I missed so much things.

I miss Swimming
I miss my students
( I dreamt the whole lot of you all on my 2nd night there and I woke up in the middle of the night, trying to figure out where I was. Ended up, I was in my bunk.)
I miss my family
( I call back every night to Daddy & Mummy. Every weekend to Teacher Michelle & Teacher Rae to ask about my students)
I miss the weather here
( It was so hot there that I drank more than 4liters of water everyday and bath more than 5 times a day if it was possible)
I missed my student silver test
I missed my student selection for his school swim team

Well, now that I'm back safe & sound, its back to swimming again! The 1st thing I did when I return home was to jump into the Swimming pool and swam 30 laps.

The adrenaline rush, the glide of the body in water, the warmth of the pool, the bubble sound in the water and every strokes I pull... I almost cry... The feeling is like... You only learn to treasure something after you lost it.

Now.. 2 piece of good news...

Firstly, my 2 darling students Pei Yi & Aloysius have pass their silver test despite me not being here... Thanks Teacher Rae for being there. Well done kids!

Secondly, I'm proud to announce 1 of my student, Ansh has make it into his School Swim Team!

Now, that's something to be really proud of! Ansh started swimming with me in 2007 August. I still remember I wrote,

When a passion student + a passion coach = Miracles!

This miracle has come true 1 year later.. @ the age of 7, he has make it into the prestigious OVERSEAS FAMILY SCHOOL swim team. Well done Ansh! Proud of you! =D

I have a lot of back dated post that I'm suppose to blog about.. Hopefully, over the next few days I'm able to blog about them! Stay tune!!

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