Saturday, 27 September 2008

A couple of updates... Specially for my kids

Update #1:
Some of my students are complaining that I m not updating my blog.... *You know who u are...*

As a matter of fact, I'm so busy editing the photos we took last night... Next post, the next post will be about you guys already... Dun worry... *bleahz*

Update #2:
And there are kids asking me about our children day party this year.... Sad to say, I'm planning to postpone this year party to a later date. Reasons are as follow...

#1: Most of you are having your PSLE now... after which are P1 to P5 final year exams. Having a party at this time is not such a good idea. That's what Teacher Jerry feels... Your academic exams are much more important! Study hard!

#2: With the recent China Melamine incident, alot of food are in doubt now. So, we wun be able to feast like how we feast in the past. So, why not wait for a few months till the all green light is given? =D

I promise you all, our annual party will still be held this year. It will only gets bigger and better!

How about this... Those who get good grades in your exam this year, will get a special surprise from Teacher Jerry! *Must show me your results slips ar....*

Update #3:
Now for an update of myslf, I registered myself for Taipei ING Marathon 2008... Now, I'm looking for sponsors to fly me there! Anyone willing to sponsor me to Taipei? Any advertiser? Hee...

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