Saturday, 13 September 2008

Betty Secondary School

As promised... I'm blogging again.. See! Nowadays, I'm blogging much more than usual right! Haha..

These are the Secondary 1 kids from Betty Secondary School... & they are already swimming freestyle by the 4th lesson... Great kids!

I think they just get so crazy over swimming or is it over me? Lolx...
Boys will always be boys.... This is the 1st shot we took, and they say... "How come cannot see me!? How come I got blocked?!"

So, we went for a 2nd shot... and they push me out of the photo! Haha... Ok, there are suppose to be 10 of them, so u can see who are those really "photograph lovers" =p

Luckily, the gers are much more nicer... haha...

Well, what can I say about them? They are such a bunch of lovely kids.... Too bad, I had to leave them for my reservist before their lessons are officially finished.

Hope to see you kids soon!

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