Saturday, 27 September 2008

A couple of updates... Specially for my kids

Update #1:
Some of my students are complaining that I m not updating my blog.... *You know who u are...*

As a matter of fact, I'm so busy editing the photos we took last night... Next post, the next post will be about you guys already... Dun worry... *bleahz*

Update #2:
And there are kids asking me about our children day party this year.... Sad to say, I'm planning to postpone this year party to a later date. Reasons are as follow...

#1: Most of you are having your PSLE now... after which are P1 to P5 final year exams. Having a party at this time is not such a good idea. That's what Teacher Jerry feels... Your academic exams are much more important! Study hard!

#2: With the recent China Melamine incident, alot of food are in doubt now. So, we wun be able to feast like how we feast in the past. So, why not wait for a few months till the all green light is given? =D

I promise you all, our annual party will still be held this year. It will only gets bigger and better!

How about this... Those who get good grades in your exam this year, will get a special surprise from Teacher Jerry! *Must show me your results slips ar....*

Update #3:
Now for an update of myslf, I registered myself for Taipei ING Marathon 2008... Now, I'm looking for sponsors to fly me there! Anyone willing to sponsor me to Taipei? Any advertiser? Hee...

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Mr. Children/ Mr. Adult

I received 2 emails recently.... Sometimes, its emails like these which just touches your heart....

The 1st email wrote:
"Hi Cher! I'm now a student teacher @ NIE. I love children! Thank you. It was after reading your blog that motivates me to become a teacher."

The 2nd email says:
"Jerry, I recently took part in the Nike Human Race 10km. I'm proud that I completed it. My next event will be a half marathon in December and next year, I hope to be able to run a full marathon. I never like running but after reading your blog, I'm so motivated to run. Thank you!"

Somewhere, someone out there reading my blog or being coach by me is motivated & inspired by me. It feels special to know that I'm making a difference in someone life. =)

If you have a dream, go for it. Chase that dream.

You might have a childhood dream not yet fulfilled & now being @ a different stage in life, you think it's not achievable. That's what alot of us think. I would say, GO for your dreams!

No dreams are too old to fulfill. I have students of all ages learning to swim with me. When it comes to swimming, no age is too old to swim. Same thing goes for singing.

Today, allow me to share a very touching video with you. It's called -くるみ by Mr.Children. You might cry after viewing it. You might not cry. It doesn't matter. It touches me when I 1st view it. And I think its portrays a very meaningful view on chasing your dreams despite the odds.

About this video: It's in Japanese. But it doesn't matter because by looking at the video, you will understand how these 4 men try to fulfill their singing dreams despite having alot of commitments in work and family. They went against all odds just to fulfill this dreams of theirs. And you know it's been a long time to achieve this dream when they choose the name Mr. Adult instead of Mr.Children. This video touches me. I hope it touches you too. =)

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Ice breaking workshop by Michael Podolinsky

I always believe in constant upgrading yourself. So, when People's Association told me there was an Ice-Breaker Workshop conducted by Master Trainer Michael Podolinsky for us as STAR trainers. I was excited!

I must admit, I never heard of him before and I'm not sure what he does. But a google search on him on his website.. It just gets me so excited!

He's really a funny and interesting guy who can interact with the whole class within mins! And that's the point of the workshop today! To Ice-Break! Cool.. now I have a new skill.. I can ice break people! =D
I have learn so much that I can't wait to share!
Thank you PA!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

The day Teacher Jerry becomes a Small star

Yes, as some of you have known... Teacher Jerry was involved in a scene shot today for one of the new drama that's coming up soon for Mediacorp Channel 8... I think I'm not allowed to reveal the title until its officially finish filming...

But I think I can tell you who the main actors and actress are... So hold your breath... Chen Han Wei & Zoe Tay! Yes! I saw both of them today... And I even had a 5 mins chat with both of them! Cool right...

After the chat today, I think Zoe Tay really has the "Ah Jie" feel... She's so good in her acting! And she's so pretty! Chen Han Wei was such a nice guy to chat with... He even commented on my "Panda eyes" =D And of course, I really think he's so handsome...

Well... I had a great photo soot with Chen Han Wei, but I don't think I will post it up here because I was too excited in the shooting that I forgot to ask his permission to post his photo on my blog... Hee... But, it was a great shot with a very handsome guy!

Well, back to the filming... It began @ 2pm and lasted all the way to 6.30pm.... 4.5hrs of filming... And I'll be very lucky if I can appear for more than 1 sec on the screen.. Hee....

You see...They have this very very handsome "Actor swimming coach" for the drama, so I'm suppose to be in the water together with him and take care of the kids learning how to swim...

Of course, the main focus is on him and the kids... I'm just there to make sure these kids can swim and to guide our Mr Swimming coach to teach... Another reason was the director feels that I look too real as a swimming coach to appear on camera! =(

It was such a hot and fun day! Of course, I took a photo with Mr Swimming coach too! I promise you all.. I will let you all know the title once they start advertising it! =D

For now, I'm just happy that I feel like a small star for the day...

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Betty Secondary School

As promised... I'm blogging again.. See! Nowadays, I'm blogging much more than usual right! Haha..

These are the Secondary 1 kids from Betty Secondary School... & they are already swimming freestyle by the 4th lesson... Great kids!

I think they just get so crazy over swimming or is it over me? Lolx...
Boys will always be boys.... This is the 1st shot we took, and they say... "How come cannot see me!? How come I got blocked?!"

So, we went for a 2nd shot... and they push me out of the photo! Haha... Ok, there are suppose to be 10 of them, so u can see who are those really "photograph lovers" =p

Luckily, the gers are much more nicer... haha...

Well, what can I say about them? They are such a bunch of lovely kids.... Too bad, I had to leave them for my reservist before their lessons are officially finished.

Hope to see you kids soon!

Thursday, 11 September 2008

I'm back in Singapore!

Yes, I'm back in Singapore!! Coming home is such a warm feeling... Nothing beats being back at home compared to staying overseas....

Being away for 23days is really a long time... I missed so much things.

I miss Swimming
I miss my students
( I dreamt the whole lot of you all on my 2nd night there and I woke up in the middle of the night, trying to figure out where I was. Ended up, I was in my bunk.)
I miss my family
( I call back every night to Daddy & Mummy. Every weekend to Teacher Michelle & Teacher Rae to ask about my students)
I miss the weather here
( It was so hot there that I drank more than 4liters of water everyday and bath more than 5 times a day if it was possible)
I missed my student silver test
I missed my student selection for his school swim team

Well, now that I'm back safe & sound, its back to swimming again! The 1st thing I did when I return home was to jump into the Swimming pool and swam 30 laps.

The adrenaline rush, the glide of the body in water, the warmth of the pool, the bubble sound in the water and every strokes I pull... I almost cry... The feeling is like... You only learn to treasure something after you lost it.

Now.. 2 piece of good news...

Firstly, my 2 darling students Pei Yi & Aloysius have pass their silver test despite me not being here... Thanks Teacher Rae for being there. Well done kids!

Secondly, I'm proud to announce 1 of my student, Ansh has make it into his School Swim Team!

Now, that's something to be really proud of! Ansh started swimming with me in 2007 August. I still remember I wrote,

When a passion student + a passion coach = Miracles!

This miracle has come true 1 year later.. @ the age of 7, he has make it into the prestigious OVERSEAS FAMILY SCHOOL swim team. Well done Ansh! Proud of you! =D

I have a lot of back dated post that I'm suppose to blog about.. Hopefully, over the next few days I'm able to blog about them! Stay tune!!

Monday, 1 September 2008

Blogging from Thailand!

Hello everyone! Yes, believe your eyes... Teacher Jerry is blogging from thailand!

Weather here has been hot all weeks since I came here... reaching a high of 40 degrees... Yes, imagine how many liters of water goes down my throat in just 1 day...
I've been training hard too... well, in short, I'm fine & still healthy... Yuppie...
Got to keep my post short as I'm rushing for dinner.. And its another week of training before I will return back to Singapore on 7th Sep...
I miss all my students... I even dreamt about you all! Hee... Shall talk about it when I'm back in Singapore...
And guess wat?! Today is Teacher's Day right? So, here's wishing all teachers a very Happy Teacher Day!
Now.. It's back to training for me.. See ya kids around k! Take care of yourself! =)
P/s: I'm missing you all as much as you all are missing me!!