Thursday, 7 August 2008

Duties of representing the nation

Have not been updating this blog for 2 reasons.

#1: Teacher Jerry is super busy preparing for this departure to Beijing Olympics 2008... =)
#2: Teacher Jerry is making sure that all swimming lessons are not affect when I'm not around

Teacher Jerry receive this news a few months ago....

I'm requried to represent Singapore for a period of 23 days from 18/8/2008 to 9/9/2008 in all the swimming events during Beijing Olympics 2008... Ok, I know... Jaws are dropping now and I feel a sense of surprises and excitment.

Alright, I'm still representing Singapore thought during that period, just that its not China I'm heading to but Thailand.

Yes, you guess it - Reservist Training.

Hey, its still representing Singapore alright! And the part about swimming is true too.

Your Teacher Jerry is going there as a lifeguard, which means I'm going to be in charge of thousands of lives during their swimming river crossing activites. Hopefully, those guys are not going to swim in Mekong River.. =p

Also, during my absence, Teacher Michelle & Teacher Rae will be taking over most of my classes. I'm going to so miss my classes and kids....

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