Monday, 11 August 2008

Swimming Homework.... Surprise! =D

Dear students,

Homework for the next 2 weeks.. Take some time to look @ Beijing Olympics 2008 Swimming events and look at how the world class swimmers swim =D

If you see or hear this name - Michael Phelps, DON'T Miss his events k!
He's aiming for 8 gold olympics this time round, so we will have alot to learn from him.

Here's a guide to Channel 5 broadcasting of swimming events

It will help you improve on your swimming and strokings.... If you have any questions, can always ask Teacher Jerry on your next lesson... Important thing is.. You must watch the events alright!

P/s: Dear Parents, do allow some time to let the kids watch the Olympics... It doesnt have to be swimming events...Can be any sporting events! It will really help them in understanding sports better... =)

For now, I'm glued to Channel 5... =p

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Duties of representing the nation

Have not been updating this blog for 2 reasons.

#1: Teacher Jerry is super busy preparing for this departure to Beijing Olympics 2008... =)
#2: Teacher Jerry is making sure that all swimming lessons are not affect when I'm not around

Teacher Jerry receive this news a few months ago....

I'm requried to represent Singapore for a period of 23 days from 18/8/2008 to 9/9/2008 in all the swimming events during Beijing Olympics 2008... Ok, I know... Jaws are dropping now and I feel a sense of surprises and excitment.

Alright, I'm still representing Singapore thought during that period, just that its not China I'm heading to but Thailand.

Yes, you guess it - Reservist Training.

Hey, its still representing Singapore alright! And the part about swimming is true too.

Your Teacher Jerry is going there as a lifeguard, which means I'm going to be in charge of thousands of lives during their swimming river crossing activites. Hopefully, those guys are not going to swim in Mekong River.. =p

Also, during my absence, Teacher Michelle & Teacher Rae will be taking over most of my classes. I'm going to so miss my classes and kids....