Saturday, 26 July 2008

Teacher Rae, Teacher Michelle, Teacher Jerry

Introducing The Water Family latest 2 new coaches!!!!
Teacher Rae!
Teacher Rae is my younger brother.. Hee... He will be in charge of all Lifesaving courses and swimming lessons.

Teacher Michelle!
Teacher Michelle is a very very good friend of Teacher Jerry. She will be in charge of all swimming lessons for both children and adult. Oh! She's also a Piano teacher =)

So, in now, The Water Family has 3 family members who are coaches... Teacher Rae, Teacher Michelle and Teacher Jerry =D

1 thing to note, all 3 of us are QUALIFIED Coaches with the Singapore Sports Council. A write up on Teacher Rae and Teacher Michelle will be up soon...For now...Enjoy the photos that we took! Hee...

We took this photo out of pure fun.. We just wanna see who could jump the highest... I guess the winner is pretty obvious... =D

The 3 coaches of The Water Family...

We took alot of "NG" photos before we could capture this photo nicely.. Haha... It's so difficult to capture our expressions underwater... We came up with a conclusion... No bubbles if we wanted to capture our smiles!

A close up of your 2 handsome handsome and 1 pretty pretty coach =D

Teacher Michelle said our back views were too nice that the camera couldn't resist taking us =p

And lastly.... We did something very special that no one has ever done b4... Yes, No one has done this before and we 3 are the 1st in the world to do it... It took us just 1 take. And we did it before the camera battery goes flat... =D

We did butterfly strokes & the difficult part was in our timing and the synchronizing of our strokes together... But we did it together! A beautiful beginning... =)

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