Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Jerry's Believe it or not

Yes, as the title says.... Its up to you to believe it or not.....

1st up, do u believe a white tiger exists? YES!

How about, a white LION? YES!

We took a short trip up to genting over the weekends and we were so lucky!

Imagine this... we got
FREE accomodations @ Highland hotel,
FREE Buffet dinner & breakfast and
FREE tickets to watch DREAMZ!

And thats where we we managed to saw the white tiger and white lion! So, do u believe it? Hee...

I guess the lion was too fierce thats why we could only took photos with it while its in its cage. Notice the space between me and the lion? That was where the trainer should be standing! But he last min ran away.. Hee...

P.s: Thanks for all the concern about me and the letter... I'm handling it pretty well... I will let you guys know once I have make the neccesary arrangements =)

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