Monday, 14 July 2008

Happy 24th Birthday!

It's 14 July! A special date for Teacher Jerry because... its my BIRTHDAY! Its the day I turn 24.... Yes I know, 1 year older... =)

Firstly, I like to thank everyone who send me Happy Birthday wishes in all form.... be it a simple sms, MSN, email or even wishing me in person... Thank you! I know I'm being loved by all of u! Haha.... =p

Good news often happen on your b`day doesn't it? Today Oliva mummy - Shirley said this to me.... "It's a shame that we get to know you so late Jerry"

Oliva is 4 years old this year & she's been swimming in Hong Kong for the past 1-2years I guess. Today was her 2nd lesson with me and she's able to swim! Both her mummy n me are so suprised!

Shirley: "Woah, that was very impressive Jerry. Today is only the second lesson."
Me: "No, its not me. It's the talent of Oliva. She's really clever. Show her once and she will be able to do it! She just need more confident"

I feel so happy! It just so exciting to see a 4year old swimming!

Mummy wants her to be able to swim by next month, the month where they will be going back to Hong Kong. I really wish we can meet her expectations! I'm quite confident tot... =D

Good news always come in pairs! There's 1 more good news that I will revel in the next couple of days.. So stay tune...

P/s: My birthday cake this year for my 24th year old was a D24 durian cake... yum yum.. 2424 Nice number!

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