Saturday, 26 July 2008

Teacher Rae, Teacher Michelle, Teacher Jerry

Introducing The Water Family latest 2 new coaches!!!!
Teacher Rae!
Teacher Rae is my younger brother.. Hee... He will be in charge of all Lifesaving courses and swimming lessons.

Teacher Michelle!
Teacher Michelle is a very very good friend of Teacher Jerry. She will be in charge of all swimming lessons for both children and adult. Oh! She's also a Piano teacher =)

So, in now, The Water Family has 3 family members who are coaches... Teacher Rae, Teacher Michelle and Teacher Jerry =D

1 thing to note, all 3 of us are QUALIFIED Coaches with the Singapore Sports Council. A write up on Teacher Rae and Teacher Michelle will be up soon...For now...Enjoy the photos that we took! Hee...

We took this photo out of pure fun.. We just wanna see who could jump the highest... I guess the winner is pretty obvious... =D

The 3 coaches of The Water Family...

We took alot of "NG" photos before we could capture this photo nicely.. Haha... It's so difficult to capture our expressions underwater... We came up with a conclusion... No bubbles if we wanted to capture our smiles!

A close up of your 2 handsome handsome and 1 pretty pretty coach =D

Teacher Michelle said our back views were too nice that the camera couldn't resist taking us =p

And lastly.... We did something very special that no one has ever done b4... Yes, No one has done this before and we 3 are the 1st in the world to do it... It took us just 1 take. And we did it before the camera battery goes flat... =D

We did butterfly strokes & the difficult part was in our timing and the synchronizing of our strokes together... But we did it together! A beautiful beginning... =)

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

M&N (not M&M chocolates)

I promised my 2 boys to post their photos on my blog.....

So here we go.... Matthew & Nicholas! My M&N.... Hee....

Matthew is the "Kor Kor" & Nicholas is the "Didi" but when Teacher Jerry is around... I naturally become the "Kor Kor", also known as the Big Brother!

I simply love the 1st pic! Cause it looks so "brotherly"! We fit in so well... Haha....
This is going to be a such a short post because the photos have say everything. I like the way Matthew hugs his brother.... Giving Nicholas such security in his arms...

And me, I can safety leave Nicholas in his arms.. For well... Just 5 seconds... Hee

Monday, 14 July 2008

Happy 24th Birthday!

It's 14 July! A special date for Teacher Jerry because... its my BIRTHDAY! Its the day I turn 24.... Yes I know, 1 year older... =)

Firstly, I like to thank everyone who send me Happy Birthday wishes in all form.... be it a simple sms, MSN, email or even wishing me in person... Thank you! I know I'm being loved by all of u! Haha.... =p

Good news often happen on your b`day doesn't it? Today Oliva mummy - Shirley said this to me.... "It's a shame that we get to know you so late Jerry"

Oliva is 4 years old this year & she's been swimming in Hong Kong for the past 1-2years I guess. Today was her 2nd lesson with me and she's able to swim! Both her mummy n me are so suprised!

Shirley: "Woah, that was very impressive Jerry. Today is only the second lesson."
Me: "No, its not me. It's the talent of Oliva. She's really clever. Show her once and she will be able to do it! She just need more confident"

I feel so happy! It just so exciting to see a 4year old swimming!

Mummy wants her to be able to swim by next month, the month where they will be going back to Hong Kong. I really wish we can meet her expectations! I'm quite confident tot... =D

Good news always come in pairs! There's 1 more good news that I will revel in the next couple of days.. So stay tune...

P/s: My birthday cake this year for my 24th year old was a D24 durian cake... yum yum.. 2424 Nice number!

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Astro Boy!!

Introducing to you... my new super hero in my class.... ASTRO BOY!

See the resemblence between Jun Jieg & Astro boy... No joke! When he came to me after lesson while fixing his hair and say...

"Jerry you see.." 1st tot that came into my mind was astro boy!

Cool... I'm going to have a SuperHero swimming class very soon I guess.... With Ultraman, Spiderman, Ironman and Astroboy in the team already.

The search for Superman, Batman, The Hulk & all other SuperHero begins.... So, if you think you have a child who looks like a superhero, send them to my class quick! Then I can take a SuperHero class photo!!

Monday, 7 July 2008

Happy Youth Day to everyone!

Happy Youth Day to everyone!!!

Cheers~ =D Enjoy ur holidays!

Thursday, 3 July 2008

The day the doc says to Teacher Jerry...

Jerry: "Doc, I feel a slight pain on my left knee when I run these days."

Doc: "Given ur training programs, you might have some mild cartilage overload over the left lateral joint compartment and lateral femoral condyle(in layman term, it simply means I have overstress my knees). Tell you what, I'm going to take you off from Running for the next 2-4months."

That means, no more running for me for the next 2-4months..... =(
That means, no more triathlon training for me for the next 2-4months.... =(
That means, I might have to withdraw from Aviva Ironman 70.3 this year.... =(
That means, more swimming and more swimming and more swimming... =)

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Jerry's Believe it or not

Yes, as the title says.... Its up to you to believe it or not.....

1st up, do u believe a white tiger exists? YES!

How about, a white LION? YES!

We took a short trip up to genting over the weekends and we were so lucky!

Imagine this... we got
FREE accomodations @ Highland hotel,
FREE Buffet dinner & breakfast and
FREE tickets to watch DREAMZ!

And thats where we we managed to saw the white tiger and white lion! So, do u believe it? Hee...

I guess the lion was too fierce thats why we could only took photos with it while its in its cage. Notice the space between me and the lion? That was where the trainer should be standing! But he last min ran away.. Hee...

P.s: Thanks for all the concern about me and the letter... I'm handling it pretty well... I will let you guys know once I have make the neccesary arrangements =)