Thursday, 5 June 2008

Sundown Marathon - 7hrs 48mins

It happened!

The 1st sundown marathon in singapore. The 1st marathon that happen during the night time.

The 1st marathon that I took part in with my dearst Peter Pan cousin (no kidding! he's Peter Pan!), dearest Alexandra the great friend and my special her. =p

My aim for this marathon was 4hrs30mins.

Here's the breakdown for my 42km:

Start - 10km: 1hr 01mins
10km - 20km: 1hr 08mins
20km - 30km: 2hr 53mins
30km - finish: 2hr 49mins

As you can see, after my 20km, my timing seems to gone crazy...

Well, there's a reason for that...

While running till 20km, questions came into my mind.

"Why am I running?" "So what if I can completed this race?" "Will it be meaningful if I complete this race alone?" "Am I going to leave her behind?"

Then, I decided, I should wait for her. After all, I was the one who asked her to take part in her 1st marathon. I should complete this race together with her. It's going to be so much more meaningful when we cross the finishing line together.

And yes, I decided to wait for her and walked the rest of the journey together with her and cross the finishing line together with her.... Encouraging and supporting her along the way and be there for her when she decided to give up. I'm glad I was there, else she will definately give up.

Along the way (somewhere around 28km), we met an old man in his 70's. This was going to be his 10th marathon race.

Me: "Woah, Uncle... You very fit, you are walking as fast as us"
Uncle: "This is my 10th race"
Me: "Woah, Uncle, I respect you... Your knees not hurting?"
Uncle: "Hurt, but that's life. If you give up because of small pain or setbacks, you will never succed in life. So, don't think of the pain"
Both of us (beginning to walk faster): "Thank you for your encouragement!"

I enjoyed and learn alot from this race but if you ask me if I'm gonna run another marathon in the night. My answer will be No. Haha... simply because I think night time is the time for you to sleep and not to exercise. I think this was a crazy race!

Next race: Singapore Aviva Ironman 70.3
Pending races: Hong Kong Osim Triathlon
Taipei International Marathon

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