Saturday, 21 June 2008

IPPT (Individual Physical Proficiency Test)

Went for my 1st IPPT ever since I ORD from army.... Well, IPPT is something all men (under 45) must go for annually.

I was really impressed by the fully computerise IPPT system.. It's so accurate and you actually know your results and points right on the spot!

And I'm proud to present..... I got Silver! =D

Sit Up: 38 (4 pts)
Standing Broad Jump: 225cm (3 pts)
Chin Up: 8 (3 pts)
Shuttle Run:10Sec (5 pts)
2.4km: 10:56min (4pts)

Total: 19 pts = Silver

Shall aim for gold next year.... gotta put in lots and lots of efforts tot.... =D But for now, I'm happy with my award.... =p

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