Saturday, 31 May 2008

Sundown Marathon

In less than 24hrs, I will be taking part in Singapore first ever Night marathon - Addidas Sundown Marathon

I must admit, due to the heavy workload for the past months, I didnt have much time to train for this race... So, fingers crossed and hope that I can complete this race....

Like I always say, timings are not important, enjoying the process is more important!

Race starts @ 12midnight on 1st June.

More updates coming up.... =D For now, its 4221!

P/s: A Nike shirt going for a Addidas Sundown Marathon, what a nice combination!

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Last day (Part 2)

Alright... As promised... Here are the photos...

Not alot tot... But they are the memories that I will remember for the rest of my life..
This was taken after Mayflower Sports Day ended with the student helpers. I was involved in timekeeping. Managing the time keepers and liasing with the finishing judges and video recording of the race. I had so much fun!

My 3B & 3C students from my physics class. Taught 14 of them physics during my 2 months in Mayflower Secondary. It was fun, really fun! Especially those times where we debated over "density of liquids and hydrometer". Then again, Science should be fun!
Some farewell presents from the students.
- 1 ultraman
-1 small bottle of pebbles and stones
-6 notes
-Thousands of cranes with well wishings on it

Now lets see what they wrote for me on those notes:

Note #1: Mr Toh, 再见了!must rmb us kayys!!! Next time if you got time, come back & find us la! 3D will always rmb you de!!! XinZhi

Note #2: Rmb us arhhs. dun forget!! Rmb the weeks of 2.4 =D hehe. anyways. bye.have fun. Bye. thanks for teaching us =) PeiShi

Note #3: Hi Friend, Haha. Although I did not know you for long, thanks for helping me pass my 2.4run. Thanks! K. Hong Wei

Note #4: Hello Jerry... Jing Wen here..ur student..Long time no see until you appear at our school.. very surprised that you are here and I am very happy too.. A very good teacher you are.. The Best Eva Teacher I ever seen in the school.. PE teacher too.. I am going 2 miss you when leave the school.. Losing a good, cool, kind teacher and can't teach our school le.. I really dun want you 2 leave but you need 2.. Time flies so fast... and you will gone..unable 2 see you often.. Is good to know you and meet you.. A very Good coach, teacher, friend.. THANK YOU VERY MUCH BEING MY COACH and since you are not my teacher but I treat you as my TEACHER... Taking Care.. including Me... stuffs and lots bahs.. Just want to thank you being a very great, wonderful teacher... I will always REMEMBER YOU!! =) stay Cool and you will be the BEST, WONDERFUL, GREAT teacher and COACH 4eva!!GOOD BYE MY COACH AND TEACHER =) =D Smile Always!! ALL the Best!! JIA YOUS!! A ultraman 4 you makes you super-power and stay strong!! and Hope you see it and will REMEMBER ME!! Hope you like it! Take Care! JingWen, Your student

Note #5: a bit introduction of jERRY... the ironman
Who is he??
I will tell you...NOW!
- He is A super teacher, coach...!! THE BEST TEACHER EVER

Last but not least.. He is 1 and only Ironman-to-be Jerry and he will be!! Ironman Jerry Toh!! =D Xiaowugui...

Note #6: Pss... Mr Toh.. There's 2 special cranes inside. Each cranes have a little well wishing on it. Try finding One's green, One's orange.. BYe BYe >.<>
I really must thank everyone in Mayflower. Because of each and everyone of you, I have learn so much... Thank You!

I will keep the Mayflower shirt with care and it will always be in my heart....
P/s: Once a pegasus, always a pegasus. 2005 BMT, I was from Pegasus company. 2007 Mayflower, I'm in Pegasus house. =D I'm a pegasus!

National Family Celebrations 2008

In Conjunction with National Family Celebrations 2008,
Members of the public can enjoy free entry into all of Singapore Sports Council's 23 swimming pools on Sunday, 1 June 2008, from 8.00am to 9.00pm

So... bring your friends and family down to the swimming pool for a day of fun and free entry! =D

Friday, 23 May 2008

Last day ( Part 1)

Warning: It's a super duper long entry that I will divide my entry into 2 parts

Part 1: My thoughts
Part 2: Photos!

Today is the last day of school... It marks the start of the June holidays. It also marks my last day in school.

2 months is gone in such a quick flash.... Before I even realised it, today is the last day being a relief teacher for Term 2.

My HOD asked me to stay for 1 more term... But I can't give him an answer yet as I have other commitments....

Though its just a short 2 months, I have learned so much... that I can summarise into 1 sentence. "What I have learn in Mayflower secondary for the past 2 months is much more than what I have learn in my swimming coaching for 2 years."

And when they say, being a teacher is a very challenging job as you are exposed to different challenges everyday. I truly agree with that! =D Students come up with different excuses and reasons everyday just to escape from 1 thing or another.... And at times, I cant help but laugh. ( I was like them, few years back) =D

For the past 2 months, I have learnt:

1. Better class management
2. How to manage big groups of students (from 40 - 300 students)
3. How to better organize myself
4. How to present my ideas to students
5. How to control the temper of students
6. How to talk to students in groups
7. How to talk to students privately
8. How to work as a team with the PE department
9. How to make advance plannings
10. How to encourage students
11. How to motivate students
12. How to help students lose weight
13. How to bond with students
14. How to make students want to listen to you
15. What kind of teachers students look for
16. The importance of setting a role model for student as a teacher
17. How to interact students together
18. How to work under pressure and stress
19. The importance of a simple smile
20. So much more that it can't simply be put into words....

At times, when I look back... I think I have such an affiliation with Mayflower.

In may 2007, I taught some of the girls swimming, during their learn to swim programs. In April 2008, I became their relief teacher for PE and for some, physics.

The joy of seeing them in school is unexplainable and esp, when I see my very own students in school... Coming up to me and call me... Teacher Jerry!

I am going to miss the school and the students so much... that I can list them down:

I'm going to miss:

1. The daily flag raising, singing of national anthem, school song and the pledge
2. The basketball and soccer games I have with the students during their recess
3. Students greeting me in all sorts: " Good morning, Mr. Toh", "Teacher Jerry", "Mr. Jerry" , "cher, cher" and the more popular "Tom & Jerry!"
4. Running 2.4 km with the students during their PE lessons and encouraging them along the way
5. Checking the weight of the Fun & Fitness club students and share their joy when they lose weight
6. Teaching Physical Education and Physics
7. Debating with my students over a physics question on who's right.
8. All the smiles and laughter I hear everyday during my lessons and games
9. Blowing my whistle to gather all the students
10. Students laughing at my white panda eyes every Monday ( due to prolong eyeshades under the sun on sat & sun)
11. The school, the students, the department and so much more......

I must admit, I had tons of funs teaching in Mayflower! I would love to stay but that really depends on my schedule and commitments.

I am very fortunate and honoured to be involved in alot of events for the 2 months such as:
- Mayflower Sports Day
- Tester for Napfa Test
- Invigilator for their mid year exams

I learnt so much thru these events that it help me grow alot...

Coming up.. Part 2!

Monday, 19 May 2008

My Height and Weight

Was measuring the height and weight for my students in school the other day... And I decided to take a brave decision to try out mine too...

So, here's the results...

Haha... I simply love this comic! Seriously, my results are
Height : 1.67m
Weight: 64Kg

According to the program by the computer, I need to lose another 0.2Kg to achieve my ideal weight... And I shall work hard on that... haha...

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

12th Intake for Intensive Swimming Lesson

Good news comes with good bargains! =D

12th Intake for Intensive Swimming Lessons during the june holidays is now open for registration!

Day: Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Time: 9am for beginners, 10am for advanced swimmers
Commencing on: 2nd June 2008
Venue: Yio Chu Kang Swimming Complex
Vacancies:10 slots only
Age limit: Any age from 7 years on onwards
Price: $50 for 5 lessons (It's a steal!)

For more information, do contact me - Jerry @ 9100 1855!

Friday, 9 May 2008

Ironman or Spiderman?

My students are always full of surprises, mischief and creativity! A simple swimming cap and yet, he can turn it into a "costume"

This kept me laughing for 10mins! Haha..... Hope this photo keep you entertained to enjoy your weekends!

In case you need a comparison between Ironman or spiderman, here are their photos!

Enjoy your weekends and be sure to catch Ironman! =D