Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Mayflower Primary School Swimming

I just had to tell the kids that I wouldn't be able to continue teaching them swimming anymore due to my relief teaching commitments....

It's already hard enough to tell them that I'm leaving them. And I had to do this twice as I'm coaching 2 classes.

When I 1st break the news to the 1st class, the mood was still ok as I tried to bring across the message to them in a "happy" way... But when I break the news the 2nd time, I guess.. I just need to tear when I see some of my kids crying.... Sorry

I love coaching this 2 classes as they are full of energy and their laughter doesn't seems to end... I guess, after 7 weeks with them.. We have a bond - A special bond between them and me which can't be explained.

I remember each and everyone of these kids name by heart and how some make request to their teacher to change their group to mine. In the end, my group has the most number of students! But like a parent commented " They seem to enjoy your swimming lesson much more than the other groups"

See the difference in mood... 1st class is happy.. while the 2nd...

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