Sunday, 27 April 2008

Congratulations kids!

For the very 1st time, I send in a total of 20 students for their bronze test! 1 slot of test accomodates a maximum of 20 students only. So, this morning, the whole group of candidates were all my students! I'm so proud of each and everyone of you! =D

But, if you look @ the photo carefully, there are only 19 of them.. Alvin is missing in this family photoshoot! So, Teacher Jerry shall make it up for the 2oth candidate then! I'm really happy for all of you who took the bronze test today.

Most of you have been with me for just 2months - 6months and you are already taking your bronze test! That's fast! Considering most children take their bronze test in 9months - 1 year.

Now, let the photos do the talking... =D

A short briefing by the tester
And off we go! - 50meters in pyjamas
Next up! Straddle jump for our "drown-proof"
1min of "drown-proof"
3mins of treading water
Making of our floats..
Happy faces after our 400m (8 x 50m) swim

Congratulations to all of you! You have make your parents and those who came to support you very very proud! Most importantly, you have make me so proud of you that I decided to give each and everyone of you a present! I hope you like it!

Well done children!

P.s: Any student or parents who want any of the photos do let me know, I will email them to you. Also, do email me if you have taken any nice photos that you wish to share, esp those taken together with me! Hee...

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