Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Back in singapore!

I'm back in Singapore! It's really nice to take a short 3days break away from town to an island to just relax....

For me, I went to take up my Advanced Open Water and now, I'm a qualified Advance Open Water Diver! =)

Now, lets start with the train ride over there.. It took us 15hours from JB to reach the island.. Luckily, we booked a bed bunk cabin.... But not so fortunate when we came back... But sad story aside...

When we reached the island, its really a nice place.... The water is crystal clear about a meter deep... You can practically see your feet and the fishes swimming past... Nice sand, nice weather, nice sun, nice island, nice companion. What else can I ask for? =D

Now.. let the pictures do the talking...

The speedboat that got us there. Waves flying around!

The place that we stayed in

You have to be very serious when checking your equipments

But who says you can't have fun!? Hee... =D

All ready to go and explore a new world below

Relaxing under a coconut tree

Searching for my missing camera!

How close the fishes were! They swim to you!

The beautiful sunset

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