Friday, 14 March 2008

The sunshine after rain

For the past 4 days... its been a crazy, sudden and weird rainy weather.... Everyone must have felt it.. the rain that doesnt seem to end when it start to rain the whole day...

Finally the sun is out after taking a 4 day break! So cool!!

And here's what the lucky folks @ Yio Chu Kang manage to see around 5.30pm -6pm... A rather unusual rainbow... Not the kind of rainbow you will see... Its very special... Like, a piece of painting, a master piece in the skies...

Well... we know, special and nice moments don't last for too long don't they?

Thankfully for the technologies we have in this 21st century.. Camera phones! So, after my lessons, this is 1 of the more beautiful photos send to me taken by a 5.0megapixel camera phone!


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