Monday, 24 March 2008

No Swimming lessons from 29th mar - 31st mar

Dear all students and parents...

Kindly take note that there will be no swimming lessons from 29th March (sat) to 31st march (mon) as its the 5th week of the month. Most swimming coaches, students and parents are taking a break from lessons during the 5th week. =D

As for me... I am definitely not going to waste my precious time away! So.... I'm going diving! Now.. the last time I went diving was 5 years ago in 2003 and I have been missing it... So its time for me to get back to the underwater world and say hi to my nemos and corals down under! =)

Also... I'm going back as a student to attain my Advanced Open Water qulifications! So.. stay tune for more updates from a place called paradise... Hee...

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