Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Children enthusiasm

It's just not my style to blog about my kids from school projects until the very last lesson... But, sometimes... they just let me adore them so much that I can't help but to share my excitement here.... Haha....

Well, currently I'm coaching for a few schools in their LEARN TO SWIM program.. I shall not name the schools here as I wanna keep it as a surprise! Haha.... But, a few schools and a few classes... =D

So... for such projects, there are usually a few swimming coaches, say 5-8 coaches handling a maximum of 20 students.

Now imagine this.... when 100 over students are in the swimming pool waiting area, waiting for their coaches to arrive....

This coach enter the pool entrance and 1 kid goes screaming and pointing.... "Jerry!! Jerry!! Jerry!!! Teacher Jerry!!" And pri school kids... You know... "Monkey see, monkey do"... within 10 sec, the whole lot of them are shouting for me! OMG......

I must admit.. I have never experience such excitement before from children.. But strangely, these few schools that I've been coaching recently seem to have such trend... Shouting out for my name whenever they see me(even thought some of them are not in my class)

Well... I must say, I must have done something right along the way.... Its really interesting and encouraging to feel these kids enthusiasm. Just 1 of the reasons why I love teaching... =D

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