Friday, 29 February 2008

NASSA Bronze Award extra lessons

I will be organising extra lessons for my students for the upcoming Nassa bronze award test held in late April. Basically, I will be covering more on the areas that my students are facing problem in.

Which are:
1. Taking off their pyjamas
2. Doing their surface dive

Here are the info:
Venue: Yio Chu Kang Swimming Complex
Day: Every Wednesday 8pm
Vacancy: Only left 4
Fees: Free of charge

If you feel that your child needs extra swimming lesson in preparation for his/her bronze test, kindly contact me to register them. This extra lesson is open to eveyone...meaning, even if you are not my student, you are also welcome to join us! =D

P.s: Sorry to all the parents who make the trip down on 27th Feb 2008 (wed), it was my mistake that I mis-arrange the timings and dates. I'm really sorry for that.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Children enthusiasm

It's just not my style to blog about my kids from school projects until the very last lesson... But, sometimes... they just let me adore them so much that I can't help but to share my excitement here.... Haha....

Well, currently I'm coaching for a few schools in their LEARN TO SWIM program.. I shall not name the schools here as I wanna keep it as a surprise! Haha.... But, a few schools and a few classes... =D

So... for such projects, there are usually a few swimming coaches, say 5-8 coaches handling a maximum of 20 students.

Now imagine this.... when 100 over students are in the swimming pool waiting area, waiting for their coaches to arrive....

This coach enter the pool entrance and 1 kid goes screaming and pointing.... "Jerry!! Jerry!! Jerry!!! Teacher Jerry!!" And pri school kids... You know... "Monkey see, monkey do"... within 10 sec, the whole lot of them are shouting for me! OMG......

I must admit.. I have never experience such excitement before from children.. But strangely, these few schools that I've been coaching recently seem to have such trend... Shouting out for my name whenever they see me(even thought some of them are not in my class)

Well... I must say, I must have done something right along the way.... Its really interesting and encouraging to feel these kids enthusiasm. Just 1 of the reasons why I love teaching... =D

Monday, 25 February 2008

Individual Private Swimming Lessons

- Promotion for 1 to 1 slots has all been taken up
Please call me to make advance bookings-

Alright... I have a few time slots to coach individual lesson... So, here's a super offer! Private swimming coaching, 1 t0 1 individual swimming lessons (regardless of age, standard, location) Here we go....

$100 for 4 lessons! (usual price @ $240)

Here's the catch: Limited slots & timings available!

Timings available are:
Tuesday 11am - 5pm
Wed 7am - 2pm
Thurs 11am - 5pm
Friday 10am - 4pm

Terms & conditions:
1. Promotion offer only valid from 26/02/2008 till 30/04/2008
2. Promotion is base on 1st come 1st serve
3. The water family reserve the right to make adjustments to the timings
4. Only valid for 1st time student with The Water Family
5. Promotion only valid for the 1st 4 lessons

Kindly call me @ 9100 1855 or email me to make arrangement for your preferred days and timings. P.s: If I missed your call, it most probably means I'm having lessons, do... Pls, drop me a message especially if you are using private numbers.. =D

Friday, 22 February 2008

Singapore 2010! Congrats!

Congratulations to Singapore in getting the right to host the Youth Olympic Games in 2010!!!

Be prepared for an exciting journey in the sports action in Singapore! Till then...

Thursday, 21 February 2008

A new chat box!

I was just going thru my old posts when I saw some of the comments that were left behind....

Some comments are simply funny, some are motivating while others are written with heartfelt feelings... Go thru some of my more recent post and you will know what I mean...

Hence... I created a cbox! Its like a chat box where everyone can leave your comments, views and just mingle around in the chat box... Go on.. talk about anything... Make that box busy!! Haha... Also, I will be able to reply to all questions and queries faster that way... =)

Isn't this amazing?! For those who have been reading this blog.... You are on a journey with me as you view the transformation and growth of this blog! Haha... From just a simple blog... till a more "professional" blog? Now.. Isn't that exciting? Haha...

P.s: Give me some of your comments about this blog on the chat box k! Be it good or bad... All comments are welcome! =D

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

New Look with a new Menu!

A new look for the blog with a menu for easy navigation! Hee...

However, "FAQ" is still under construction... So.. give me some time to work that out ya! Till then...

Let's all support Singapore for the YOG 2010!! Results will be out this thursday!

Good luck Singapore!

Thursday, 14 February 2008

New Group Swimming class just for Ladies

Alright... Due to popular demand... I'll be starting a new group swimming classs just for all our special ladies out there... =D All ladies are welcome to join us!

Suppose to start 14feb... But its valentine's day! So, we are starting it on 21st Feb 2008. Below are the details....

Event: Swimming Lessons just for ladies
Venue: Yio Chu Kang Swimming Complex
Time: Every Thursday (Starts 21/2/08) - 8pm
Group size: Max 10 students
Current no. of students: 3
Fees: $60/month

That's all the details for now.... Will update again if there are new updates! =D

Happy Valentine's day!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! Lovers & friends!

Thursday, 7 February 2008


Wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year And may lots of good luck and fortune comes to everyone! =D