Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Happy New Year 2008

After weeks of missing... I'm finally back blogging again....

Well... Been really a busy and hetic few weeks since the start of the new year... Rearranging my time schedule to accomodate my student timings, starting of new classes, school projects and handling complaints etc etc...

Well, Yes.. Complaint (Thankfully, just 1)... Well... I guess I will blog about that next time.. Haha.. Anyway, its the new year(I'm like 16days late?) Haha.. But hey.. so long you are happy, everyday is a brand new year! CHEERS!
Most people like to reflect on what they achieve last year and their resolution for the brand new year... Personally, I feel resolution is very important, as that't the motivating factor that pushes you... Will blog about this in my next post... Gotta swim to my next lesson... =D

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