Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Boy,12, dies after mishap at public pool

Was reading the papers when I saw this article under page 3 of The Straits Times - HOME. Tried to find the article online but couldn't manage to. So, I took some time to type out the article for those who never saw this article.

Boy, 12, dies after mishap at public pool.
By Tessa Wong

HE WAS a strong swimmer who swam often in the sea, but yesterday afternoon 12-year-old Danial Syawal Jailani died after a mishap at a swimming pool.

The New Town Secondary 1 student was found unconscious at Clementi Swimming Complex, where his school's physical education swimming lessons were held.

Paramedics were called in around 1.50pm and he was pronounced dead at National University Hospital at 3pm.

His death is a total shock, and mystery, for his family.

According to his mother, Madam Rozni Jumaat, 35, a housewife, he was a healthy active boy who loved swimming and cycling.

He had been attending the weekly PE lesson every Monday for the past three weeks, and would normally return around 2.30pm.

The lesson was supposed to end at 1.40pm, although it remains unclear whether he got into trouble in the pool during or after the lesson.

His family are now waiting for police investigations into the unnatural death to turn up some answers.

"Were there any teachers or lifeguards around? Did he fall or hit his head? Hopefully, we can get an explanation soon," said Danial's aunt, Madam Rozna Jumaat, who is also 35 and a housewife.

The eldest of four children, Daninal was happy-go-lucky and a born leader, said relatives.

He would often be seen playing around his block in Clementi Avenue 2 with his three younger siblings and four cousins.

He enjoyed cycling around on his prized unicycle which he had used his savings to buy, and also liked ferrying his siblings around on an old trishaw his aunt had bought for $10 off a karung guni (rag-and-bone man).

Madam Rozni had been waiting for his return yesterday afternoon so she could take the children downstairs to play, when her former husband called with the news.

"I thought it was totally untrue. So I went to the hospital, and saw the body. That was the moment the truth sank in. I realised my son is no longer around," she said, before breaking into quiet sobs.

Before leaving for school yesterday morning, he had told his mother: "Wait for me."

Those were his last words to her.
No comments at the moment until investigations are done.

For all parents who read this article, please.. Be more alert for your kids and keep a close look out for them in the pool especially after their swimming lessons.

For all kids who read this article, please... Take care of yourself and be very careful when playing with your friends after your swimming lessons.

My sincere deepest condolences to the family.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Happy New Year 2008

After weeks of missing... I'm finally back blogging again....

Well... Been really a busy and hetic few weeks since the start of the new year... Rearranging my time schedule to accomodate my student timings, starting of new classes, school projects and handling complaints etc etc...

Well, Yes.. Complaint (Thankfully, just 1)... Well... I guess I will blog about that next time.. Haha.. Anyway, its the new year(I'm like 16days late?) Haha.. But hey.. so long you are happy, everyday is a brand new year! CHEERS!
Most people like to reflect on what they achieve last year and their resolution for the brand new year... Personally, I feel resolution is very important, as that't the motivating factor that pushes you... Will blog about this in my next post... Gotta swim to my next lesson... =D