Saturday, 1 December 2007

Run Jerry Run

Thanks everyone... for the encouragements..... I'm fine... =D its a stage where everyone needs to go thru... perhaps, its just a little bit harder for me... But life's goes on....

Although I'm a free thinker... But when I went to his wake, there was this small note given by his family... and in it, it quoted smthing from the bible I guess.. But I think its very meaningful....

1 Cor 15:52-53 "It will happen in an instant, in a split second... the trumpet will sound and the dead will come back to life. They will be changed so that they can live forever. This body that decays must be changed into a body that cannot decay.. a body that will live forever."

Rest in peace buddy.

In a few more hours time... I be on the route of the 42.195km... So, in case u see me... just shout... Run Jerry Run!!! Like how Forrest Gump run in his movie... A very meaningful movie that I would encourage everyone to see... :)

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