Tuesday, 4 December 2007

A marathon in 4hrs56mins

Finally... I completed the 42.195km Singapore marathon in 4hrs56mins! =)

I'm really proud of myself... for pushing myself against my limits and to go thru such agony... Dun ask me why I want to go thru such agony, I dunnoe. All I know is... It's part of my life... If I can finish the race of marathon, I believe I can do just as well in life too.. =D

And I am glad I did it! While on the race, I saw this guy with his bib written as "My inspiration to run: For the fallen sportsmen comrades" I know he meant the 5 dragonboat guys... They will always stay in our hearts... =D

Now.. here's the timing of my whole course:

Start- 10km : 1 hr 4mins
10km -20km: 56mins 54sec
20km -30km: 1hr 9mins
30km-finish: 1hr45mins

I think I ran too fast on the 2nd leg... and hence my knees couldn't take it during the last leg.. Well, still I'm proud of completing @ a time with just 26% of the runners in front of me. =D

Hours before the race starts

Mins after the race ends

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