Friday, 14 December 2007

December - A cold month

What a cold month!!! Its been basically raining everyday... with an average temperature of 23-27 degrees?

Imagine us in the water! It's ice freezing!!! Anyway, lets hope the monsoon will be over real soon... Cause, the longer this monsoon lasts... The more silly encounters I will meet with my kids... Sooner or later.. We will be banned from the pool.. for being the "nosiest swimming class"

Haha.... Well, @ least, that's 1 parent told me today.. =D

This is what happen after a typical Sunday class.... Kids dun want to go home, but "kidnap" my swimming boards!

Future Architect

And when the weather gets so bad that we have to get out of the pool.... Usually, its the kids that's feeling the cold.... =D

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