Sunday, 23 December 2007

A time when hard work pays off

Good news.. Good news.....

My long long wish has finally come true.. Thanks santa! =)

Well.. I'm talking about my 2 boys of course... Darren and Isaac..... 2 very good friends who care so much about each other and lesson is always filled with fun.....

These 2 boys are my very 1st pioneer batch of students... But, its only until today that they are able to take their gold test.... 1 reason is because of their age and their body size... hence, all along they could not meet the gold requirement of 100meters in 3mins with pyjamas....

They trained hard... Really hard... for almost a year i guess....

We started with just 1 lesson a week... Until 1 day I feel that we are not progessing as ideally as we should be... And I suggested twice a week... These 2 boys, without any complaints.. came for their lessons faithfully I would say... =)

Whenever Isaac is early for lesson or Darren, they would always ask me... "Teacher... Darren/ Issac lehx?" Or they would ask... "Teacher... Darren/ Issac got come? I wait for him k?"

Its simply amazing how a P2 boy can click so well with a P5 boy... I guess.. its chemistry... They dun seem like friends.. when in the pool.. They are more like brothers... And I must admit, they are the 1st that I see such chemistry among all my students....

Encouragement for each other, taking care of each other, helping each other and looking out for each other... What more can you ask of these 2 kids? =D I love them!

They trained really hard under my wings.... I must say, I pushed them abit too hard at times... Its for their own good tot.... From a timing of 4mins, we improved to 3mins 45sec, than 3mins 30sec, 3 mins 20sec, 3mins 14sec, 3mins 10sec, 3mins 5 sec, 3mins till 2mins 50 sec....

That's the kind of achievement 2 boys and a coach has done thru out the past few months...

Of course, the parents played an important part too, fetching them twice a week to the pool and having their dinner @ the pool after work.. esp, Darren dad.. I think, he's such a great dad! =D Every weekday evening, I would coach darren in the pool and his dad will be having his packet dinner @ 1 corner after which he took a short nap... That's the making of a good dad.

Even Isaac mum, when she sees the kind of training her son went thru, the number of laps he's required to swim.. after the lesson... she told me... "Woah... I sit here and see you all swim, I also feel so tired.... Tonight Isaac go home, sure sleep till very soundly.."

And today is the time where all our hard work pays off.... It really pays all of us who contributed off well..... Because..... My 2 boys came in as the top 2 swimmers today!!!!

Darren came in with a timing of 2mins48sec and Isaac came in with a timing of 2mins52sec... And that makes my 2 boys the 1st and 2nd out of a batch of 10 kids with 1 failure.

I told the boys... "Give your best boys... We worked very hard just to wait for today to come.. If we can't meet the timing today, Never mind... We try again.. But Teacher Jerry has confident in you 2... I know you all can do it... Just swim in the front of the pack and not at the back of the pack.. We can do it!"

And YES! We did it.... After their timing, I told the boys to relax and swim abit slower for the rest of the events.... But hard work really pays off... the next event, 300meters backstroke, 300metres side stroke, 400meters breaststroke/free style... They were still leading.... And not by a few metres... They led the whole pack by almost 100 meters, that's about 2 laps. And its per very stroke. So, theorically speaking... its 6 laps... =D

I am proud of these 2 boys... Really proud..

And end of the test... The tester asked me if those 2 boys were my students.. I said Yes... And he showed this to me....

And that to me... Is a very very big encouragement... cause the tester is someone I respect and that must be my best Christmas Present!

Thank you Darren & Isaac... You did us proud!

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Merry Chirstmas & Happy New Year!

Ho Ho Ho!! Here's wishing everyone a Merry Christmas And Happy New Year!

Enjoy your holidays!

I will finally be taking a break for a week to relax and enjoy my holidays... =)

See you guys next year! Stay tune....

Friday, 14 December 2007

December - A cold month

What a cold month!!! Its been basically raining everyday... with an average temperature of 23-27 degrees?

Imagine us in the water! It's ice freezing!!! Anyway, lets hope the monsoon will be over real soon... Cause, the longer this monsoon lasts... The more silly encounters I will meet with my kids... Sooner or later.. We will be banned from the pool.. for being the "nosiest swimming class"

Haha.... Well, @ least, that's 1 parent told me today.. =D

This is what happen after a typical Sunday class.... Kids dun want to go home, but "kidnap" my swimming boards!

Future Architect

And when the weather gets so bad that we have to get out of the pool.... Usually, its the kids that's feeling the cold.... =D

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

A marathon in 4hrs56mins

Finally... I completed the 42.195km Singapore marathon in 4hrs56mins! =)

I'm really proud of myself... for pushing myself against my limits and to go thru such agony... Dun ask me why I want to go thru such agony, I dunnoe. All I know is... It's part of my life... If I can finish the race of marathon, I believe I can do just as well in life too.. =D

And I am glad I did it! While on the race, I saw this guy with his bib written as "My inspiration to run: For the fallen sportsmen comrades" I know he meant the 5 dragonboat guys... They will always stay in our hearts... =D

Now.. here's the timing of my whole course:

Start- 10km : 1 hr 4mins
10km -20km: 56mins 54sec
20km -30km: 1hr 9mins
30km-finish: 1hr45mins

I think I ran too fast on the 2nd leg... and hence my knees couldn't take it during the last leg.. Well, still I'm proud of completing @ a time with just 26% of the runners in front of me. =D

Hours before the race starts

Mins after the race ends

Saturday, 1 December 2007

Run Jerry Run

Thanks everyone... for the encouragements..... I'm fine... =D its a stage where everyone needs to go thru... perhaps, its just a little bit harder for me... But life's goes on....

Although I'm a free thinker... But when I went to his wake, there was this small note given by his family... and in it, it quoted smthing from the bible I guess.. But I think its very meaningful....

1 Cor 15:52-53 "It will happen in an instant, in a split second... the trumpet will sound and the dead will come back to life. They will be changed so that they can live forever. This body that decays must be changed into a body that cannot decay.. a body that will live forever."

Rest in peace buddy.

In a few more hours time... I be on the route of the 42.195km... So, in case u see me... just shout... Run Jerry Run!!! Like how Forrest Gump run in his movie... A very meaningful movie that I would encourage everyone to see... :)