Friday, 12 October 2007

About Jerry

Someone said this to me... "Why is your blog all about swimming? I don't want to know about your swimming stuff... I want to know about your privacy life!"

Haha...1st of all.... Swimming takes up 90% of my life. At least for now, there is no love that is greater to overtake swimming and teaching.... So, u noe my marital status... =p I simply love these two. As for now, Swimming + teaching + Kids are the loves of my life now. =) I'm really doing something that I love doing it. Something that I place my heart and soul into it...

For the majority and the questions that I'm often being asked... How qualified am I? Here are the following...

I used to serve as a lifeguard for the following clubs

- Keppel Country Club
- Temasek Country Club
- Fort Canning Country Club
- Cosata Sand Resorts, East Coast
- NTUC Chalet, Pasir Ris
- SAFRA Yishun
- SAFRA Tampines

Also, during my Army days... I was also a lifeguard.

My professional qualifications are as follows:

- National Registry of Coaches (NROC) coach
- National Coaching Accreditation Programme (NCAP) Theory Level 2 Coach
- National Coaching Accreditation Programme (NCAP) Technical Level 1 Coach
- Singapore Sports Council Certified Swimming Instructor
- St.John Ambulance Qualified First Aider
- Padi Open water Diver

In 2007, I was given an opportunity and invited to KUWAIT (Middle East) to serve as their swimming coach. But I rejected that offer. It was a very difficult decision between exploring the world and staying with my family and students back at home. I choose the latter. Reasons? I guess, that will be 1 long entry! So, I will write about it when I have the time. =) The main point is... I was given a very good opportunity over to KUWAIT! =D

All right... Enough about my "professional qualifications", now a sneak preview into my privacy... I think alot of people will get shocked by what they are going to read....

Other than doing sports on a daily basis, I play the saxophone (its a dream since I was alittle kid to play the sax) I must admit that I'm not really that fantasic but I play for lesuire.

I took up the saxophone to nuture my patience... And it really helps when most kids now adays learn music.. It makes me easier to communicate to them... See, these are little things that I go the extra mile for the kids....

One kid said this to me.... "Oh, Jerry.. That means the head breathing and the hands must have the correct timing together when I recover? It's just like my piano.. Must have the same timing" His timing refers to beats in music I believe...

Then again... I must admit my musical senses are really bad... I guess I get exposed to music at too late an age. =D Anyway... the image of Jerry playing the saxophone doesn't seem really right... So... haha

That's all for the preview! Will write 1 more entry in a few days time... =p Yum yum...

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Konea said...

Hey. I found your blog when I was trying to google some people.

Your blog really attracted my attention! I mean like woah, hahah I was a swimmer myself and I love the way put all your passion into one blog.

You're great! Keep it up! and do fight for swimming.

I'm sad to leave swimming cos I'm still young. But I'll have to obey what my parents told me to do. So, it's great to see a blog all about swimming! I'm so gonna fav ur blog! =]