Friday, 21 September 2007


Was having dinner with my friends the other night when 1 of them popped this question to me.

Hey Jerry, Long time never met up with you and even longer time since you last went diving with us.

Yes... I'm an open water diver and I love to dive! When he asked me that question, thinking back, yar... its been years since my last dive and I really miss those diving days with them...

But, ever since I decided to turn full time and professional swimming coach, making sacrifices seems inevitable. Its a sense of responsibility as a coach that I place my students and kids as a top priority.

Perhaps, its not only me. Making sacrifices out of your personal life for commitments to things/ people that are important in your life are what most adults have to decide on. I believe, most teachers make sacrifices for their students.

If someone were to ask me if I'm happy with the sacrifices I need to make(other than diving), I would reply. Yes, cause I'm doing what I love most - Swimming and children. It's a passion. And humans achieve their best when they are doing something that they love and have a passion in it.

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