Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Preparation of Children's Day

I just realised that I have not been blogging for the past 1weeks.. Hee.. Sorry about that... As I been really busy with lessons and sourcing for my kids children day's presents... Its always this period that's the most headache for me...

I need to find them some presents that they will like and useful to them. Haha... I still remembered 4 years ago when I 1st started organising such parties for them... (In order to attract them, I told them...Jerry will give presents to those who come..)

And guess what was their replies? Oh... I know... you giving us pencil and pens right? =( Haha... perhaps, that's what they are used to receiving on every children day? hmmm... I used to receive lots of that few years back as a child.. haha... Still young k!

Anyway, now still in the midst of organising the event, looking for presents(Any sponspors?), confirming the total number of ppl attending etc etc... Alot alot of logistics issues... But when the day comes... Its fun! Haha... somehow or rather.. I will think its worth it...

But every year, without fail, our party is greeted by heavy showers...YEs, every year... So, lets see if this year it will rain or not... =p

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