Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Henry from Saigon, Vietnam

I have been happily coaching this boy from Saigon, Vietnam.... And I mean really happily... Lessons with him is always full of fun and laughter. =) Oh, his name is Henry. When he 1st told me, "Jerry, I'm from Saigon." I was.... hmmm... where's Saigon? haha.. Only than I realised that its in vietnam! Cool~!

And he's only 6 years old! But boy... he talks like an adult! When talking to him, it feels like talking to a younger brother or perhaps a son?! Oh no.. I'm getting old... Haha.... I mean, he and I shares no secerts...

He will tell me what he did today, like going to the dentist to take out "3 worms" because he ate too much sweets... and he talks like the dentist! haha...

How I wish I can video down everything that he says... cause he's just too cute! We once had lesson @ 9am... and he came to me and said

Henry: "Jerry, I'm not feeling too good today."
Me: "Why?"
Henry: "Because I didn't sleep well last night"
Me: "Oh."
Henry: "Yeah, I was playing games with my dad, fighting the planes and monsters... I slept late last night... I'm tired"
Me: =D

Well... Althought I didn't video down those conversation, but I video down his strokes. My! I was shocked @ his progress in swimming... Its either he has the potential or his coach is damm good! =p

I'm serious! Try imagine a 6 year old boy swiming butterfly. Now, imagine this boy learn to swim butterfly in 1 session! Yupz, 1 lesson is all he takes! Check out the video... =) I'm impressed by his progress thought I must admit there are still lots of rooms for improvements.

Good news is, he loves to swim butterfly out of all the strokes. Cheers!

Sad news is, he has left singapore and gone back to Saigon.

Yeah... he was here during his summer breaks, now that his summer breaks are over. He has left Singapore...

Well.. wishing him all the best.... but before he left, he asked me to call him "pi pi" cause he's a bird, and I asked him to call me "pooh pooh"... Haha.. it's a silly game thats being played by a silly coach and a silly boy. =D

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