Saturday, 8 September 2007

Children's Day!

Dear Kids (which basically means everyone!),

Children's Day is less than a month away!! I can already feel the excitment from my kids when I tell them about the plans for our children day... =p

Yes, its confirmed! We will be having a bbq session over @ Aranda Country Club on 30Sep 07. Time to be advised again. Need to find out how many ppl are coming.

This event is strictly by invitation only. =) Good news is.... EVERYONE IS INVITED! Haha... But you need to confirm your attendance with me latest by 22Sep 07...

This event is potluck meaning everyone just bring along something to share & eat. Food list will be coming up in a weeks time once I can have an estimate number of ppl attending.. So, if you wanna join in the fun. Let me know!

P.s: There be presents for the children. Strictly children only. Haha...

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