Friday, 28 September 2007

2 more days and counting...

Counting down to the bbq and children day's party..... 2 more days!!

All I can say is... its' wearing me out.... And I'm so tired with the sourcing of presents for all the kids, the sourcing of the bbq stuff, the co-ordinations, the packings etc etc...... Its not easy... But I'm hanging strong there for the kids....

We are all looking forward to it!! Let's hope that it dun rain that night....

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Swimming Groups Just for Ladies

Due to popular demands, I will be starting a new adult swimming class just for the ladies. The 1st lesson will commence on the 7th October 2007 (sunday). Lessons will be held every sunday around 6pm.

Timing will be re-confirmed again, but we are looking at around 6pm or 7pm. You know the girls like to swim when the sun sets to protect their skins..=)

Currently there are 3 ladies on the list but I will want to keep the class small say around 5-6. (but if response is too overwhelming, we might just get the numbers going. But rest assure, the maximum number of students will be 12.)

Therefore, slots are limited.... Contact me for more details and to register... You know the number... 9100 1855... =p

Friday, 21 September 2007


Was having dinner with my friends the other night when 1 of them popped this question to me.

Hey Jerry, Long time never met up with you and even longer time since you last went diving with us.

Yes... I'm an open water diver and I love to dive! When he asked me that question, thinking back, yar... its been years since my last dive and I really miss those diving days with them...

But, ever since I decided to turn full time and professional swimming coach, making sacrifices seems inevitable. Its a sense of responsibility as a coach that I place my students and kids as a top priority.

Perhaps, its not only me. Making sacrifices out of your personal life for commitments to things/ people that are important in your life are what most adults have to decide on. I believe, most teachers make sacrifices for their students.

If someone were to ask me if I'm happy with the sacrifices I need to make(other than diving), I would reply. Yes, cause I'm doing what I love most - Swimming and children. It's a passion. And humans achieve their best when they are doing something that they love and have a passion in it.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Preparation of Children's Day

I just realised that I have not been blogging for the past 1weeks.. Hee.. Sorry about that... As I been really busy with lessons and sourcing for my kids children day's presents... Its always this period that's the most headache for me...

I need to find them some presents that they will like and useful to them. Haha... I still remembered 4 years ago when I 1st started organising such parties for them... (In order to attract them, I told them...Jerry will give presents to those who come..)

And guess what was their replies? Oh... I know... you giving us pencil and pens right? =( Haha... perhaps, that's what they are used to receiving on every children day? hmmm... I used to receive lots of that few years back as a child.. haha... Still young k!

Anyway, now still in the midst of organising the event, looking for presents(Any sponspors?), confirming the total number of ppl attending etc etc... Alot alot of logistics issues... But when the day comes... Its fun! Haha... somehow or rather.. I will think its worth it...

But every year, without fail, our party is greeted by heavy showers...YEs, every year... So, lets see if this year it will rain or not... =p

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Henry from Saigon, Vietnam

I have been happily coaching this boy from Saigon, Vietnam.... And I mean really happily... Lessons with him is always full of fun and laughter. =) Oh, his name is Henry. When he 1st told me, "Jerry, I'm from Saigon." I was.... hmmm... where's Saigon? haha.. Only than I realised that its in vietnam! Cool~!

And he's only 6 years old! But boy... he talks like an adult! When talking to him, it feels like talking to a younger brother or perhaps a son?! Oh no.. I'm getting old... Haha.... I mean, he and I shares no secerts...

He will tell me what he did today, like going to the dentist to take out "3 worms" because he ate too much sweets... and he talks like the dentist! haha...

How I wish I can video down everything that he says... cause he's just too cute! We once had lesson @ 9am... and he came to me and said

Henry: "Jerry, I'm not feeling too good today."
Me: "Why?"
Henry: "Because I didn't sleep well last night"
Me: "Oh."
Henry: "Yeah, I was playing games with my dad, fighting the planes and monsters... I slept late last night... I'm tired"
Me: =D

Well... Althought I didn't video down those conversation, but I video down his strokes. My! I was shocked @ his progress in swimming... Its either he has the potential or his coach is damm good! =p

I'm serious! Try imagine a 6 year old boy swiming butterfly. Now, imagine this boy learn to swim butterfly in 1 session! Yupz, 1 lesson is all he takes! Check out the video... =) I'm impressed by his progress thought I must admit there are still lots of rooms for improvements.

Good news is, he loves to swim butterfly out of all the strokes. Cheers!

Sad news is, he has left singapore and gone back to Saigon.

Yeah... he was here during his summer breaks, now that his summer breaks are over. He has left Singapore...

Well.. wishing him all the best.... but before he left, he asked me to call him "pi pi" cause he's a bird, and I asked him to call me "pooh pooh"... Haha.. it's a silly game thats being played by a silly coach and a silly boy. =D

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Children's Day!

Dear Kids (which basically means everyone!),

Children's Day is less than a month away!! I can already feel the excitment from my kids when I tell them about the plans for our children day... =p

Yes, its confirmed! We will be having a bbq session over @ Aranda Country Club on 30Sep 07. Time to be advised again. Need to find out how many ppl are coming.

This event is strictly by invitation only. =) Good news is.... EVERYONE IS INVITED! Haha... But you need to confirm your attendance with me latest by 22Sep 07...

This event is potluck meaning everyone just bring along something to share & eat. Food list will be coming up in a weeks time once I can have an estimate number of ppl attending.. So, if you wanna join in the fun. Let me know!

P.s: There be presents for the children. Strictly children only. Haha...

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

It's Official - 6hrs23mins16sec

According to the website...

I completed the event in 6hrs 23mins 16sec with an overall position of 40 in my age group out of a total of 66. Rankings are not important to me. Its the timing and enjoyment of the race that's more important... But what I'm proud of is my swim timing - 41mins05sec.. That gives me a ranking of 18 out of 66. Haha... =) Yeah... after all that's my professional...

Next, hope to see photos of the race day... And I'm actually making plans and saving up to go for Ironman 70.3 Geelong, Australia.... I think that be so fun! But I need to save up alot of money 1st... Considering the air tickets, flight fees of my bike, registration fees and not forgetting my accommodation over there.... Hmmmm.... Any sponsors? Haha... I can print your company logo on my shirt, cap, helmet, body.. anywhere! So long you are sponsoring me... =p

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Jerry Toh -Finisher of Asia 1st Ironman 70.3

Yes! I made it today! Having swam 1.9km, cycle 90km and run a half marathon in 6hrs 23mins.... I'm an Ironman 70.3! =) The timings are not official yet as I do not have the results yet... But my stopwatch says that timing.... Important thing is I completed the whole course! =)

Had expected to finish the whole course in 8hrs (cut off timing of 8hrs 30mins)... So when I saw my timing, I was really surprised and proud of myself... I did it. =)

It was a long day today having woke up @ 4.30am and took my breakfast before I head down to East coast and prepare for my swim wave @ 7.25am. Wave and current today was scary. Yes, scary! The wave was so high that I could not even see the markings and the current was so strong that it could carry you away... I almost gave up @ 200m mark after drinking lots of sea water... But the mind of an athlete tells me to carry on.....

After which was the transition to the bike and its great to see a familiar friend face there! It really boost your morale up! While on the cycle leg, I saw MP Teo Ser Luck! Cool~ =) Its really nice to be in events like these cause you actually get supports and motivations from total strangers... As our bibs have names, you can hear fellow athletes saying.. "Come on Jerry..." "Keep going Jerry..." "That's it Jerry..." Woah.......... Short and simple sentences from a stranger are so powerful that it keeps me going... =)

While on the run leg, I saw an international athlete walking with difficulties... I went forward and cheer him on... "Come on mate... Keep going... Follow me... (as if I'm so fast... Haha)" But its these kind of short motivations that we keep each other going... And guess he's rely to me?"Thanks! I have never seen such humanity in my life before... At least not where I'm from."
And before I could ask him.. Where he was from, he ran so fast away and I could catch up with him... Haha....

These are the fun parts of the ironman 70.3... On a more personal side, its tough doing an event like these... It's a test of your personal endurance, disciplines and limits.... There were time where I really felt like giving up but I persevere because I made a promise to myself that I will complete it.. There were also times where I almost cry over the pain that I was experiencing...

But when I was on the floating platform towards the finishing line... All was worth it.... The moment when I crossed that finishing line... That kind of feeling.... its a mix. A mix of tears and excitment.... =) Hopefully to upload photos of this event soon! =)