Monday, 20 August 2007

NASA Silver Test

Yupz.... another batch of students went for the NASA Silver test yesterday... I send in a total of 5 of them.

Every test so long I enrolled my students for it, be it Bronze, Silver or Gold, without fail, I will be there to support my kids both morally and mentally. It might not mean much to most people but to these kids, my presence means a great deal to them!

And its on every test day, you will see how anxious and nervous these kids can get... From asking funny questions, giving funny answers and having funny expressions... My.. those kind of expressions are priceless.... It's not a matter of preparation these kids have done... No matter how much preparation I have done for them... When they think of swimming 2 laps in 4mins with their pyjamas, they freak out. Below are a few funny stuff these kids will ask... (for most, it might bring a smile on your face, but to those kids... They were really anxious!)

Jerry... Later if raining how? Then no need to take test right?! (The sun was so bright and sunny @ 1pm!)

Jerry...Who is the tester? Is it old uncle?

Jerry... Later my pyjamas got hole how? Then cannot make float..

Jerry... My heart want to drop out liaoz...

Jerry... I hope the tester meet an car accident. Then no need to take test already!

Jerry... Jerry... Jerry....

Haha... I like the last one.. This batch is the most anxious and nervous group I have send in so far.... Coz, till date, no one has rejected taking pics with their handsome coach expect them! Hahaha...... Whenever I bring my camera out, they will duck their heads... But luckily... I manage to capture a priceless expression.. The expression that says it all for the kids...

Smile Colin!

This expression was taken after he finish taking his timing. He came in 2nd! Time limit : 4 mins. He did it in 3mins 12 sec. My fastest student did it in 2mins 59sec. It was a surprise for me. I didn't expect them to swim that fast despite my encouragement telling them not to worry. But from their looks, my words didn't help much I guess. haha. But my presence helped...

The 5 Angels that took the test.

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