Saturday, 11 August 2007

Language Teachers Needed

I'm looking for a multi-language teacher who can teach me languges so that I can communicate with my students more efficently. Please contact me if you are well-versed in the following languages - German, Indian, Japanese, Vietnamese,Burmese, Thai, French, Latin and Middle east languages.

Haha... I'm just kidding... I can speak a little bit of each language.. Here we go...

In Japanese - Watashi wa Jerry desu means I am Jerry.
In Thai - Sa wa di means How are you
In Latin -Bravia means Good!

*The above pronunciation are taught by my students who are like 6-9years old. Hence, there might be some spelling errors. Hee... =p

Well.. the rest I'm still trying to pick up... hee... But its kinda sad that my students from DOHA are leaving..... =( They were here for a holiday.... I'm going to miss them... Tml, I will blog about them. Promise!

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