Monday, 6 August 2007


I recieved a very heartwarming sms today. Its from Mrs Deepa. I must admit. Its one of those messages that really brighten up your day! =D Thanx Mrs Deepa

In the msg, she wrote: "Jerry, a big thanks to you. Since last 2 days Ansh has been swimming laps.. with just 2 lessons with you. I hope in the coming classes with you he can perfect a style. Cheers!"

Now, isn't that sweet of her!? So Sweet~ Thanks again!

From my understanding, Ansh used to have a coach.. and yeah.. the same old problems... But honestly, I think he's a more serious case compared to my previous posts.

His ex-coach taught him freestyle and breast-stroke together.Meaning, 1 stroke after another. And these 2 strokes are not inter-related @ all. I must say that coach did a "great" job in confusing him! Now, Ansh is so confused with his strokes that he doesn't know when to apply freestyle kicking and when to apply breast-stroke hand pulls.

When I see the way he swims, I feel so sad! He shouldn't be swimming that way given his talents for the water. But, given enough time, I think I should be able to help him correct his strokes. But at the moment, its really a challenge to correct them. Well, at least now he's doing his kicking correctly! =)

1 thing I'm feel proud about is his passion for the water! Just like me! Haha... He's one of those kids that will not want to get out of the pool after the lesson ends. No matter what's happening, be it me asking him to get out of the pool or the mum asking him to go home, he simply wun budge! Honestly.. That's what I like about him! He never fails to make me laugh during the class though I been coaching him for just 2 lessons, it seems like 2 months! Hee..

When a passion student + a passion coach = Miracles!

Now... how do you tell if a child loves the water? Look @ what he did in the water!! You will smile! =)

Introducing: Water - SPIDERMAN! =)

He never fails to surprise me with his smiles!

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