Thursday, 2 August 2007

Happines is a Journey, not a destination

I have been reading this book called "THE MONK WHO SOLD HIS FERRARI" by Robin S.Sharma

Its a self improvement & motivational book and I strongly recommend book to anyone who loves to read. The concept is similar to "TUESDAY WITH MORRI" by Mitch Albom and the contents are rather similar to "The ALCHEMIST" by Paulo Coelho.

In it, I saw this pharse - " Happiness is a Journey, not a destination. " It strikes me and I totally agree with this sentence. Now, happiness has alot of definations to everyone. To some, happiness means being with your love ones enjoying a good meal together. For some kids, it might mean having the latest toys while for some, it might just be a few words of encouragement from their parents.

For me, Happiness is when I see a smile on the child face. Just a simple smile from those kids makes my day and its a bonus when they come forward and say "Jerry, I love swimming. Can we have swimming lessons everyday?"

Ever since I read this pharse, I keep reminding myself - No matter what, my students must enjoy each and every of their swimming lessons. That's why, I hardly scold my kids. I used the words hardly because there are times where you really need to enforce disciplines in some kids. But most of the time, I thank god, I don't need to scold them. And I HATE to scold them. It just breaks my heart when I see tears dropping from their lovely eyes.

But still, I have a kid who cries in my lesson. I will blog about him in the next few entries.. But thankfully, he's no longer a cry baby. =)

I sincerely hope to walk this happiness journey with all my kids. One day, when they grow up and I grow older, just 1 kid who comes and walk up to me on the streets and say "Jerry, thank you for teaching me how to swim." A broad smile will not only appear on my face but in my heart too.

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