Tuesday, 21 August 2007

From the kid eyes part I

I'm really getting to realise the world of children is so much different from us as adults. For me as a young adult. haha....

Take a good look @ the pic above and tell me what was your 1st expression?

When my kid told me what he saw, I was really amazed! And boy, I took quite a while before I could really figure out why he said that.. Now, what did you see? A normal looking ladder by the pool?

Well, from the kid eyes.. He saw a dinosaur! And he was like... Jerry... Keep quiet... there are dinosaurs around.... For a moment, I really looked around for dinosaurs and I said.. Okok... Shhhhh... But.. where are they? And he pointed them to me! Haha...

Somethings in life as an adult, we tend to overlooked but for the kids.... Their mind and world is filled with fantasy and joy.... And I want to be part of that world! Haha... Well.. I did a search on the net and I guess he meant this dinosuar.

Barney the dinosaur!

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