Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Swimming Course Rates And Duration - Public Pools & Private Pool

Course Rates & Duration for public pools are as follows:
Class Size
Rates (SGD$)
Group Class
(2 -10Students)
45mins -60mins

3 great benefits of having classes at public pools:

1) Greater exposure to children of other ages, races and standards.
2) Exposure to standard olympic size pool to enhance kids confidence in water.
3) Faster in preparation for Swimsafer test.
Course Rates & Duration for private pools are as follows:
Class Size
Rates (SGD$)
2 Students
3 Students
4 - 6 Students
45mins - 60mins

3 great benefits of having classes at private pools:

1) Lessons will be held at your pool at your own convenient.
2) As private pools are not as crowded as public pools, hence there will be less distraction and your kids will be more focus.
3) Parents will be able to maximise their time while their kids are having lessons, parents can have some free time to do personal things.
- Promotion for 1 to 1 slots has all been taken up
Please call me to make advance bookings-

Alright... I have a few time slots to coach individual lesson... So, here's a super offer! Private swimming coaching, 1 t0 1 individual swimming lessons (regardless of age, standard, location) Here we go....
$100 for 4 lessons! (usual price @ $240)
Here's the catch: Limited slots & timings available!
Timings available are:
Tuesday 11am - 5pm
Wed 7am - 2pm
Thurs 11am - 5pm
Friday 10am - 4pm
Terms & conditions:
1. Promotion offer only valid from 26/02/2008 till 30/04/20082. Promotion is base on 1st come 1st serve3. The water family reserve the right to make adjustments to the timings4. Only valid for 1st time student with The Water Family5. Promotion only valid for the 1st 4 lessons
Kindly call me @ 9100 1855 or email me Jerrycoaching@yahoo.com to make arrangement for your preferred days and timings. P.s: If I missed your call, it most probably means I'm having lessons, do... Pls, drop me a message especially if you are using private numbers.. =D

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