Friday, 24 August 2007

Aviva Ironman 70.3

Dear all... Once again, there will be no lesson on Sep 1st(Sat) and Sep 2nd (Sun). I'm taking part in "Asia First Ironman 70.3" or also known as Aviva Ironman 70.3

Sunday is the official race day and I would seriously like to have a rest on saturday. It's going to be a tough race considering the distance. For those who don't have any idea what's the whole race is going to be like, these are the followings:

Swim - 1.9km (That's about 38laps of a standard olympic size pool)
Cycle - 90km (That's about 2 laps around singapore. From Jurong to Pasir Ris and back to Jurong)
Run - 21km (The distance of a half marathon)

Seriously, this is my 1st time in attempting such a distance. I 1st took up triathlon in 2006. For triathlon, there is no cut off time for the whole race. But for Ironman 70.3, there is a cut off time of 8hours 30mins! This time surely adds in the stress.... =)

Parents and students have been asking me WHY? Why join such events? Why go there and torture yourself? So difficult.. Can mehz?

My reason - I want to keep fit. Haha... I know it sounds "lame" but.. such events are the motivation for me to get my body working out. I'm a coach and most importantly, I'm a sportsman. Fitness to me is very important and I believe keeping myself in good shape does makes my students feel proud.

I don't wish others to comment to my students and say... "eeee.... why your coach so fat one?" Cause I have personally heard from my own students saying... "Eeee... Jerry.. why that coach so fat? He can swim mehz?"

It's hurting if someone actually passes such remarks...

Also, its an experience that I can passed down to my students. Why? Cause, I learnt alot thru out my trainings and my races. Things such as determination, endurance and motivations are not stuff that you can read off the selves and share it with others. These are things that you need to experience for yourself.

Its' easy to be motivated by others but its never easy to motivate others to get them motivated. Haha... its a tough sentence that needs some thinking.

Triathlon/ Ironman 70.3 is an endurance sports for me, its not an extreme sports. Its a test of personal endurance and determination. Its a race that's against yourself.

And while training yesterday, I saw the sun "ice bow"! Beautiful... @1st I thought I saw the ozone layer.. haha..

P.s: I will only take part in races only if there is a fifth week in that month. Else, my students are my 1st piority. Like, sep there is a fifth sunday and December has 1 too. Hence, in december, I be taking part in Standard Chartard marathon. Hee..

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