Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Adult Swimming Class

How long does it takes for adults to learn to swim?

That's the question most people will ask me whenever they are interested in learning to swim. The answer: "It depends on individuals.But on average, my students learn to swim comfortably in 3 -8 lessons. However, learning pace differs from individuals. and learning never stops... it's lifelong.."

Adults learn faster compared to children as they have already master their motor skills long long time ago.. Haha... So, when it comes to co-ordination of the skill movements, not a problem for them at all.

Funny thing is, Adult students tend to worry alot. Just like my adult mummies! Today is their 3rd lesson with me and YES! They can complete 2 laps of a standard olympic size pool! I feel proud and happy for them considering 1 of them had a near drown experience in her childhood period.

But for karin... its really amazing to see her doing her strokes almost perfectly, but she worries so much that she stops every now and then and ask me..

"Jerry, Correct or not ar?! Leg open big enough?
"Jerry, aei... I got blow bubbles ma?"
"Jerry, aei... my strokes correct ar? Really correct ar?"
"Jerry, you sure ar? Swim to 1.8m? Cannot lar... I got drowning experience"
"Jerry, how come I'm swimming so slowly ar?"
"Jerry, I got move or not ar?"

She asked me the last question after swimming for 25meters. Haha... Its cute to see them ask such questions knowing that they love to swim and is determined to swim. And when she's nervous, she craps alot... and talks alot...

Yup! She craps so much till her friend can't take it anymore and says... "Darling.. today 3rd lesson only ,you swim 2 laps liaoz.... Very good liaoz... why you worry so much?"

And being the nicest coach possible.. I need to re-assure her... "Karin, those questions are the questions I'm constantly asking myself when I look @ the way you swim. If there's anything wrong about it, I will let you know. You don't give yourself too much stress and pressure. And please, don't think that you will drown. For, the more you think about it, the more you will drown. That's the #1 common mistake most adults face."

So comparing adults with kids. I found 2 cute and interesting facts. (For the majority of them)

Kids - They are so innocent and lovely that they don't think so much like the adults and just enjoy swimming but they faces motor skill problems.

Adults - They have not much of motor skill issues but they worry so much that they keep stressing out themselves and wanting to prefect the stroke asap.

Well, if adult students can take away the stressing part on themselves, they can surely swim in less than 4 lessons under my tender and loving care. Haha.... =p

*P.s: I'm wondering if they will allow me to take a video of how their strokes are... haha...

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