Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Without you

Teacher's day is around the corner and so is Children's day! Looking forward to our children's day event cause every year, I will organise a special event for my kids! Hee.... This year is even a bigger bang! Details will be confirmed next week...

Recently a lot of my adult students are able to swim in 3 lessons... And literally, I mean they can swim without any struggles and the correct strokes... But everytime when I decided that its time for them to go on their own.. They always tell me the same thing which really melts my heart... haha.. Yes, I'm soft hearted @ times....

They said... "I can't go on my own without you."

Enough has been said. =)

Monday, 27 August 2007

Team Hoyt - You Can!

This video will shows you that nothing is impossible in this world and YOU CAN!

Its a very inspirational clip which I hope will encourage you and inspire you to move forward regradless at which stage of life you are at now.

It's a story of an unconditional love of a father. The power of love.

Friday, 24 August 2007

Aviva Ironman 70.3

Dear all... Once again, there will be no lesson on Sep 1st(Sat) and Sep 2nd (Sun). I'm taking part in "Asia First Ironman 70.3" or also known as Aviva Ironman 70.3

Sunday is the official race day and I would seriously like to have a rest on saturday. It's going to be a tough race considering the distance. For those who don't have any idea what's the whole race is going to be like, these are the followings:

Swim - 1.9km (That's about 38laps of a standard olympic size pool)
Cycle - 90km (That's about 2 laps around singapore. From Jurong to Pasir Ris and back to Jurong)
Run - 21km (The distance of a half marathon)

Seriously, this is my 1st time in attempting such a distance. I 1st took up triathlon in 2006. For triathlon, there is no cut off time for the whole race. But for Ironman 70.3, there is a cut off time of 8hours 30mins! This time surely adds in the stress.... =)

Parents and students have been asking me WHY? Why join such events? Why go there and torture yourself? So difficult.. Can mehz?

My reason - I want to keep fit. Haha... I know it sounds "lame" but.. such events are the motivation for me to get my body working out. I'm a coach and most importantly, I'm a sportsman. Fitness to me is very important and I believe keeping myself in good shape does makes my students feel proud.

I don't wish others to comment to my students and say... "eeee.... why your coach so fat one?" Cause I have personally heard from my own students saying... "Eeee... Jerry.. why that coach so fat? He can swim mehz?"

It's hurting if someone actually passes such remarks...

Also, its an experience that I can passed down to my students. Why? Cause, I learnt alot thru out my trainings and my races. Things such as determination, endurance and motivations are not stuff that you can read off the selves and share it with others. These are things that you need to experience for yourself.

Its' easy to be motivated by others but its never easy to motivate others to get them motivated. Haha... its a tough sentence that needs some thinking.

Triathlon/ Ironman 70.3 is an endurance sports for me, its not an extreme sports. Its a test of personal endurance and determination. Its a race that's against yourself.

And while training yesterday, I saw the sun "ice bow"! Beautiful... @1st I thought I saw the ozone layer.. haha..

P.s: I will only take part in races only if there is a fifth week in that month. Else, my students are my 1st piority. Like, sep there is a fifth sunday and December has 1 too. Hence, in december, I be taking part in Standard Chartard marathon. Hee..

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

From the kid eyes part I

I'm really getting to realise the world of children is so much different from us as adults. For me as a young adult. haha....

Take a good look @ the pic above and tell me what was your 1st expression?

When my kid told me what he saw, I was really amazed! And boy, I took quite a while before I could really figure out why he said that.. Now, what did you see? A normal looking ladder by the pool?

Well, from the kid eyes.. He saw a dinosaur! And he was like... Jerry... Keep quiet... there are dinosaurs around.... For a moment, I really looked around for dinosaurs and I said.. Okok... Shhhhh... But.. where are they? And he pointed them to me! Haha...

Somethings in life as an adult, we tend to overlooked but for the kids.... Their mind and world is filled with fantasy and joy.... And I want to be part of that world! Haha... Well.. I did a search on the net and I guess he meant this dinosuar.

Barney the dinosaur!

Monday, 20 August 2007

NASA Silver Test

Yupz.... another batch of students went for the NASA Silver test yesterday... I send in a total of 5 of them.

Every test so long I enrolled my students for it, be it Bronze, Silver or Gold, without fail, I will be there to support my kids both morally and mentally. It might not mean much to most people but to these kids, my presence means a great deal to them!

And its on every test day, you will see how anxious and nervous these kids can get... From asking funny questions, giving funny answers and having funny expressions... My.. those kind of expressions are priceless.... It's not a matter of preparation these kids have done... No matter how much preparation I have done for them... When they think of swimming 2 laps in 4mins with their pyjamas, they freak out. Below are a few funny stuff these kids will ask... (for most, it might bring a smile on your face, but to those kids... They were really anxious!)

Jerry... Later if raining how? Then no need to take test right?! (The sun was so bright and sunny @ 1pm!)

Jerry...Who is the tester? Is it old uncle?

Jerry... Later my pyjamas got hole how? Then cannot make float..

Jerry... My heart want to drop out liaoz...

Jerry... I hope the tester meet an car accident. Then no need to take test already!

Jerry... Jerry... Jerry....

Haha... I like the last one.. This batch is the most anxious and nervous group I have send in so far.... Coz, till date, no one has rejected taking pics with their handsome coach expect them! Hahaha...... Whenever I bring my camera out, they will duck their heads... But luckily... I manage to capture a priceless expression.. The expression that says it all for the kids...

Smile Colin!

This expression was taken after he finish taking his timing. He came in 2nd! Time limit : 4 mins. He did it in 3mins 12 sec. My fastest student did it in 2mins 59sec. It was a surprise for me. I didn't expect them to swim that fast despite my encouragement telling them not to worry. But from their looks, my words didn't help much I guess. haha. But my presence helped...

The 5 Angels that took the test.

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Mr Krisna - The Maths Teacher

Yupz! Mr Krisna is was my maths teacher during my secondary school days.. Now, I'm his teacher in swimming.. Haha... its a great and yet funny relationship between him and me...

I remember those days where he will gives us endless tons of maths homework to do and complete. And being the typical students, we will just copy from each other.. haha.... And he was so angry with us that one day he said. "You all want to copy.. At least go and copy correct ones... why copy wrong one?" Haha.... That makes sense!!! He's the teacher that has endless jokes in his bag and never fails to make you laugh!!

Looking back, he's been a great teacher and now that I'm a teacher myself, I see that he really did put in alot of effort in teaching us. Well, at least, I scored a B3 for my maths! Now is the time for me to repay back his kindness in teaching me..

The way he taught me, I will always remember it. And I pass that teaching down to his kids. Its so meaningful being a teacher/coach!

Well as for Mr Krisna, he's really a very exciting student during our lessons... He has a proud ego and he will try to perfect his strokes no matter what. I guess, that's the determination of a good maths teacher? Whaha...

I told him to smile! And he promised me! Luckily I knew him too well...
hence I gave him a wing to make him look more cheeful! Haha...

See! For almost 10 years, my beloved teacher is doing the same facial
expression!! Hee.... But I LOVE HIM! My teacher forever!

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Swimming Course Rates And Duration - Public Pools & Private Pool

Course Rates & Duration for public pools are as follows:
Class Size
Rates (SGD$)
Group Class
(2 -10Students)
45mins -60mins

3 great benefits of having classes at public pools:

1) Greater exposure to children of other ages, races and standards.
2) Exposure to standard olympic size pool to enhance kids confidence in water.
3) Faster in preparation for Swimsafer test.
Course Rates & Duration for private pools are as follows:
Class Size
Rates (SGD$)
2 Students
3 Students
4 - 6 Students
45mins - 60mins

3 great benefits of having classes at private pools:

1) Lessons will be held at your pool at your own convenient.
2) As private pools are not as crowded as public pools, hence there will be less distraction and your kids will be more focus.
3) Parents will be able to maximise their time while their kids are having lessons, parents can have some free time to do personal things.
- Promotion for 1 to 1 slots has all been taken up
Please call me to make advance bookings-

Alright... I have a few time slots to coach individual lesson... So, here's a super offer! Private swimming coaching, 1 t0 1 individual swimming lessons (regardless of age, standard, location) Here we go....
$100 for 4 lessons! (usual price @ $240)
Here's the catch: Limited slots & timings available!
Timings available are:
Tuesday 11am - 5pm
Wed 7am - 2pm
Thurs 11am - 5pm
Friday 10am - 4pm
Terms & conditions:
1. Promotion offer only valid from 26/02/2008 till 30/04/20082. Promotion is base on 1st come 1st serve3. The water family reserve the right to make adjustments to the timings4. Only valid for 1st time student with The Water Family5. Promotion only valid for the 1st 4 lessons
Kindly call me @ 9100 1855 or email me to make arrangement for your preferred days and timings. P.s: If I missed your call, it most probably means I'm having lessons, do... Pls, drop me a message especially if you are using private numbers.. =D

Adult Swimming Class

How long does it takes for adults to learn to swim?

That's the question most people will ask me whenever they are interested in learning to swim. The answer: "It depends on individuals.But on average, my students learn to swim comfortably in 3 -8 lessons. However, learning pace differs from individuals. and learning never stops... it's lifelong.."

Adults learn faster compared to children as they have already master their motor skills long long time ago.. Haha... So, when it comes to co-ordination of the skill movements, not a problem for them at all.

Funny thing is, Adult students tend to worry alot. Just like my adult mummies! Today is their 3rd lesson with me and YES! They can complete 2 laps of a standard olympic size pool! I feel proud and happy for them considering 1 of them had a near drown experience in her childhood period.

But for karin... its really amazing to see her doing her strokes almost perfectly, but she worries so much that she stops every now and then and ask me..

"Jerry, Correct or not ar?! Leg open big enough?
"Jerry, aei... I got blow bubbles ma?"
"Jerry, aei... my strokes correct ar? Really correct ar?"
"Jerry, you sure ar? Swim to 1.8m? Cannot lar... I got drowning experience"
"Jerry, how come I'm swimming so slowly ar?"
"Jerry, I got move or not ar?"

She asked me the last question after swimming for 25meters. Haha... Its cute to see them ask such questions knowing that they love to swim and is determined to swim. And when she's nervous, she craps alot... and talks alot...

Yup! She craps so much till her friend can't take it anymore and says... "Darling.. today 3rd lesson only ,you swim 2 laps liaoz.... Very good liaoz... why you worry so much?"

And being the nicest coach possible.. I need to re-assure her... "Karin, those questions are the questions I'm constantly asking myself when I look @ the way you swim. If there's anything wrong about it, I will let you know. You don't give yourself too much stress and pressure. And please, don't think that you will drown. For, the more you think about it, the more you will drown. That's the #1 common mistake most adults face."

So comparing adults with kids. I found 2 cute and interesting facts. (For the majority of them)

Kids - They are so innocent and lovely that they don't think so much like the adults and just enjoy swimming but they faces motor skill problems.

Adults - They have not much of motor skill issues but they worry so much that they keep stressing out themselves and wanting to prefect the stroke asap.

Well, if adult students can take away the stressing part on themselves, they can surely swim in less than 4 lessons under my tender and loving care. Haha.... =p

*P.s: I'm wondering if they will allow me to take a video of how their strokes are... haha...

Sunday, 12 August 2007

I'm missing them...

I am missing the kids from DOHA.... Keith and Vivan.. I miss you 2....

They were here in Singapore for a month and we had lessons almost everyday! Oh my.... Now that they have left for home in DOHA, memories of these 2 will always be in my heart...

Keith - The kid who's so quiet and agree with everything that I say but in the end, always end up doing the opposites of what I say. Haha... Can't blame him as he's just 6!

Vivan - My girl whom will never never fail to bargain with me the number of laps she wants to swim. And I must say, she's a good bargainer with this soft-hearted coach who melts when ever she says.. "pls......"

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Language Teachers Needed

I'm looking for a multi-language teacher who can teach me languges so that I can communicate with my students more efficently. Please contact me if you are well-versed in the following languages - German, Indian, Japanese, Vietnamese,Burmese, Thai, French, Latin and Middle east languages.

Haha... I'm just kidding... I can speak a little bit of each language.. Here we go...

In Japanese - Watashi wa Jerry desu means I am Jerry.
In Thai - Sa wa di means How are you
In Latin -Bravia means Good!

*The above pronunciation are taught by my students who are like 6-9years old. Hence, there might be some spelling errors. Hee... =p

Well.. the rest I'm still trying to pick up... hee... But its kinda sad that my students from DOHA are leaving..... =( They were here for a holiday.... I'm going to miss them... Tml, I will blog about them. Promise!

Monday, 6 August 2007


I recieved a very heartwarming sms today. Its from Mrs Deepa. I must admit. Its one of those messages that really brighten up your day! =D Thanx Mrs Deepa

In the msg, she wrote: "Jerry, a big thanks to you. Since last 2 days Ansh has been swimming laps.. with just 2 lessons with you. I hope in the coming classes with you he can perfect a style. Cheers!"

Now, isn't that sweet of her!? So Sweet~ Thanks again!

From my understanding, Ansh used to have a coach.. and yeah.. the same old problems... But honestly, I think he's a more serious case compared to my previous posts.

His ex-coach taught him freestyle and breast-stroke together.Meaning, 1 stroke after another. And these 2 strokes are not inter-related @ all. I must say that coach did a "great" job in confusing him! Now, Ansh is so confused with his strokes that he doesn't know when to apply freestyle kicking and when to apply breast-stroke hand pulls.

When I see the way he swims, I feel so sad! He shouldn't be swimming that way given his talents for the water. But, given enough time, I think I should be able to help him correct his strokes. But at the moment, its really a challenge to correct them. Well, at least now he's doing his kicking correctly! =)

1 thing I'm feel proud about is his passion for the water! Just like me! Haha... He's one of those kids that will not want to get out of the pool after the lesson ends. No matter what's happening, be it me asking him to get out of the pool or the mum asking him to go home, he simply wun budge! Honestly.. That's what I like about him! He never fails to make me laugh during the class though I been coaching him for just 2 lessons, it seems like 2 months! Hee..

When a passion student + a passion coach = Miracles!

Now... how do you tell if a child loves the water? Look @ what he did in the water!! You will smile! =)

Introducing: Water - SPIDERMAN! =)

He never fails to surprise me with his smiles!

Thursday, 2 August 2007

Happines is a Journey, not a destination

I have been reading this book called "THE MONK WHO SOLD HIS FERRARI" by Robin S.Sharma

Its a self improvement & motivational book and I strongly recommend book to anyone who loves to read. The concept is similar to "TUESDAY WITH MORRI" by Mitch Albom and the contents are rather similar to "The ALCHEMIST" by Paulo Coelho.

In it, I saw this pharse - " Happiness is a Journey, not a destination. " It strikes me and I totally agree with this sentence. Now, happiness has alot of definations to everyone. To some, happiness means being with your love ones enjoying a good meal together. For some kids, it might mean having the latest toys while for some, it might just be a few words of encouragement from their parents.

For me, Happiness is when I see a smile on the child face. Just a simple smile from those kids makes my day and its a bonus when they come forward and say "Jerry, I love swimming. Can we have swimming lessons everyday?"

Ever since I read this pharse, I keep reminding myself - No matter what, my students must enjoy each and every of their swimming lessons. That's why, I hardly scold my kids. I used the words hardly because there are times where you really need to enforce disciplines in some kids. But most of the time, I thank god, I don't need to scold them. And I HATE to scold them. It just breaks my heart when I see tears dropping from their lovely eyes.

But still, I have a kid who cries in my lesson. I will blog about him in the next few entries.. But thankfully, he's no longer a cry baby. =)

I sincerely hope to walk this happiness journey with all my kids. One day, when they grow up and I grow older, just 1 kid who comes and walk up to me on the streets and say "Jerry, thank you for teaching me how to swim." A broad smile will not only appear on my face but in my heart too.